Discipline: Your compelling why

Discipline: Your compelling why

Hello, My Friends

What is the reason you want to improve your life?

Without a compelling why, all our good intentions wash away with the first rainy day.

What are the reasons you do what you do?
Do you do them for recognition? Do you do them for the respect you gain? Do you do them for the feeling you get from achieving what you decided to do .
Are your reasons for the joy and satisfaction of having achieved?
Do you do what you do, to prove to others that you can?
Maybe you do it so your loved ones will have a better chance at life than you believe you have had.
Maybe you will do something for someone else, when you struggle to do it for yourself.

What excites you? What gets you fired up? What inspires you?

And What drains your energy? What leaves you feeling deflated?

It’s a bit like emotions, there are no positive or negative emotions, some just feel better than others, they all offer feedback on where you are, what you like and what you don’t like.
It’s the same with your compelling why. If moving away from a pain point works for you make it work for you from a position of power.
If you need recognition, set up your system to give you positive recognition as part of the pay off.
If you need to prove yourself to others, prove it to yourself first, do it from a place of love for yourself and if possible others.

Make the rules to suit what you need to get from the activity and feeling.
Remember every thing you do, you do it for the feeling you think you’re going to get from having got the thing you want.

Everything we do affects some thing or some one else, you may as well make it a better feeling effect.
What gives you energy? What inspires you? What keeps you going when you are tired? What do you love? What makes you feel good? What makes you smile? Do more of these things.

Do less of the things the slow you down, that drain your energy, or make you feel tired and lethargic, these drain your motivation and hinder your discipline.
If you must do these energy sapping actions, do them with a positive mental attitude, your time will pass quicker.

Today’s challenge is to Pour yourself your favourite cuppa, sit and enjoy it completely.

Until tomorrow, discover what compells you to do what you do.

oxox Linda

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