Discipline: Make your own rules

Discipline: Make your own rules.

Hello, My Friends

Discipline that comes from you, is so much easier to maintain because you set the rules.
I learned a saying a long time ago.


When someone makes the rules they generally set the stage for success. Who wants to set up something to fail, or not do well?

It is important to know the rules of engagement.

How can you hope to develop the skills that are needed to improve in your employment if you don’t know the rules?
How can you create a life you love if you don’t know where the boundaries are?

When you decide what you want from your life you are setting your own rules. Set those rules up so you succeed.
Make the discipline process as pleasant as you can.
When you remove resistance, you have to use less will power and more love power.

There are certain universal rules or laws that we are wise to abide by. Learn what they are and live within the limitations of them.
Take the law of gravity, it works whether we like it or not, whether we know about it or not, it works whether we live within the confines of gravity or not.
Study the laws of success, get to know the rules.

Become the best at what you do.
Use your powerful higher self to be the best, to support yourself, to love yourself, to be excited, to see your possibility.
Your higher self wants your very best.
The energy you do anything with, is the energy with which you gain the result in.
So if you use fear to discipline yourself, your results will be fear laden.
If you use self-support to discipline yourself, your results will be self-supporting.

When you are working with the rules, everything becomes easier.
Why make discipline harder than it needs to be?

Today’s challenge is to buy a bouquet of flowers for your table.

Until tomorrow, bring a little beauty into your surroundings, nurture your higher self.

oxox Linda

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