Discipline: Internal Drive

Discipline: Internal drive

Hello, My Friends

Who has the greatest influence on you?
Why do you allow these people to influence you?

What draws you into your day?
Do you have a goal, that is drawing you into your future?

When you live into a purpose, you have something that you are aiming for, something that acts as your guiding star.

Discipline is about having internal drive.
When we have someone outside of ourselves who holds a carrot or a stick to motivate us, we don’t have any motivation at all.
When the carrot or the stick has been removed what happens then?
If you weren’t getting paid at the end of each week, would you still do what you do?

What would you rather do? What would you do even if you didn’t get an external reward?

Discipline is giving yourself the permission to make yourself do the necessary things to achieve the goals that you want to achieve.
Without a forward goal, or a forward purpose we flounder and have no direction.

Discipline is the opportunity to train ourselves, to grow our personalities, to become who we want become.
Discipline is for the results we gain from learning and fine tuning our skills.
These skills are the foundations of our life, they are the skills that our results are built on.
The results we have from this year, will not be sufficient for the opportunities of next year.
By discipline we build and strengthen our emotional, personal, and dynamic muscles.
It is the practice of self-discipline that builds our trust and confidence in ourselves, which gives us the ability to step into the opportunities of each day.

When we give our control to others by allowing them to motivate us with either a stick or a carrot, we undervalue ourselves.
And in this undervaluing, we prevent ourselves from being the best that we can be.

Today’s challenge is to Wash your face and as you do remember discipline is a daily washing of your actions, thoughts, and feelings.

Until tomorrow, are you motivated by the carrot, the stick or the pleasure of being true to yourself.

oxox Linda

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