Discipline: Undisciplined Mind & Deprivation

Discipline: Undisciplined Mind & Deprivation

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When my mind was undisciplined it ran around dabbling in the lives of everyone around me.

I didn’t have control of myself so I tried to control everyone and everything around me.

I began to build trust in myself, through disciplining my mind.
It’s not like I wasn’t already an organized person, it was that I didn’t feel like I was in charge of my emotions or feelings.
I felt like these were the unruly children running my life.

As I began to build discipline around my thinking. I felt like I was being deprived.

For everything we say yes to, we are saying no to something else.
As I began to learn to manage my mind around food, I went through the feelings of being deprived. All the food I thought I ‘needed’ were all the foods that altered my moods.
When I figured out the emotions I was eating to avoid feeling, I was able to begin to feel them. And still allow the feeling of being deprived to sit in the back seat.
Bringing my thinking into play, helped me to overcome the feelings of being deprived, I realized that giving up the need to eat instead of feeling the emotion was easier than feeling the emotion, denying the emotion, then eating to cover the emotion, and then after eating, mentally beating myself up for eating, and guess what happened after I beat myself up, I felt worse, so I’d eat more. And the cycle repeated itself. My unruly mind was controlling my emotions, which were controlling what I ate.

My undisciplined mind was sabotaging my want to reduce my body size, and the way I was feeling about that.
Deprivation is a perception, when I learned to flip it over and look at the other side of what I didn’t want.
In this case I wanted to master my emotions, the feeling of deprivation was my unruly mind making the things I needed to give up bigger than the benefit I would gain from letting them go.

Self-discipline was teaching my mind, that I could by pass the middle man in my eating routine, by simply feeling the emotions when they came up. And recognizing that deprivation feeling was a red herring, sent to derail all attempts of gaining emotional control.

Thinking is the beginning of all change, often we allow ourselves to feel deprived, to feel less than worthy, we make not having something mean we are less than.
Every thought is a choice, and if the thought around what you are giving up is making you feel less than, your thought process requires more discipline.
You are worthy of whatever you want.
Sometimes, we have to do some thing different to get a different result.
If what you are currently thinking and doing is not giving you the feeling, or result you want, you may have to make an adjustment to your thinking and actions.
This is the work of self-discipline, it is the inner world and outer world working in tandem. Producing results that are tangible, that prove to yourself that you have the internal power to change your life.

Today’s challenge is to draw a picture of the emotion you are feeling right now.

Until tomorrow, do not judge yourself, just draw, this picture is for your eyes only.
Then draw a second picture of what you want to feel, Which feels better? Which do you want to live with?
Have fun with this challenge.

oxox Linda

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