Discipline: Undisciplined Mind & Unruly Child

Discipline: An undisciplined mind is like an unruly child.

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An undisciplined mind is like an unruly child in a candy store.
This child is unrestrained, bouncing from one candy jar to another.
They are loud, demanding. They are an accident waiting to happen, and when it does they claim it wasn’t their fault.

An undisciplined mind will lead to suffering and sorrow.

An undisciplined mind has no boundaries, it doesn’t know what is safe and what isn’t.
An undisciplined mind is scattered, and lives in chaos, which creates chaos wherever it goes.
There is no peace and harmony in an undisciplined mind.

A disciplined mind shows restraint, it shows up for your plans.

A disciplined mind is orderly, it knows what is needed to be done and guides your body to fulfill those things.

A disciplined mind creates space for fun, love and laughter without sorrow or suffering.
When you discipline your mind you have so much more energy for the activities you want to achieve.

It takes a lot of energy to live in chaos.
By setting up systems that help your daily life to run smoothly, you get to open up time and space to do the things you’ve always wanted.
You get to build a life that is satisfying.
Discipline is your ally in creating the life you want.

A disciplined mind creates order, is organised and is open to new experiences.
An undisciplined mind has you chasing your tail, your car keys, the note that needs signing, the dishes on the sink.
An undisciplined mind has you always feeling like you’ve forgotten something, or something isn’t quite right.
Whereas a disciplined mind knows what is expected of it and works on routine and habit with a dash of spontaneity.

A disciplined mind gives you space to think , to feel deliberately instead of reactively.

Today’s challenge is to write a list of all the things running rampant in your mind.

Until tomorrow, write your list.
A list is a great way to capture your thoughts, it allows you to put them into some form of order.
Keep writing get all the thoughts out of your mind.
Then pick one tiny action to fulfill, and show up for yourself, prove to your unruly brain that you can be organised.

oxox Linda

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