What do you see?

The eye sees all, but the mind shows us what we want to see.

William Shakespeare

Hello, My Friends

Welcome to this weeks message. While watching a movie the other night I heard this quote.

We see what we’ve been told to see!

What have you been told to see?

Have you been told to get a good job, earn a good income, buy a house in the suburbs, get married, have a couple of kids, and make the best of what you’ve got?

Is that what you want to see?

Our brain thinks in pictures, all the words we speak are converted into images in our minds.

If our brain doesn’t have an image to put to a word, we struggle to comprehend the meaning.

What have you been ‘told’ to see? Often we are not told with words, we are told by example what is expected of us, often we are told by our friends and acquaintances how we are supposed to act. And more often we are told what we can have by the availability of the things we want, or those who trade have available for us to purchase.

What have you been ‘told’ to see? Are you a realist? Someone who sees things as they are, if you can’t touch it, taste it, see it with your five senses then it doesn’t exist.

What have you been ‘told’ to see? Are you someone who sees in colour the aura of people? Do you see the dimensions that are usually hidden to the naked eye? Do you see the energy of things?

What have you been ‘told’ to see? Do you see music? Not only the vibration of the music as it is played but the visual dimension of music.

How much is there for us to see that we can’t see because we haven’t been taught to see inter dimensionally?

Imagine if we could see the damage we do to our bodies, when we neglect them, and don’t nurture them, or don’t give them the nutrition they need to function.

That quote got me thinking about all the things I’ve read about, heard about, and struggle to believe or to understand. How much of what I do or don’t see is because of what I’ve been told or trained to see?

Where does perspective fit in the way we see things?

What was an acceptable way to view our culture and society a hundred years ago is not acceptable now? What changed? The way we view the world around us, the pressures of society, the fear of retribution if caught not adhering to the law. Or was it that human’s are growing and becoming more aware of how everything is connected to everything else.

As science is progressing it is proving how things fit together, it is providing evidence for beliefs that have been held by minority groups, things that were thought to be heresy are becoming main stream.

What we see, and what we’re being taught to see is changing, and as such we are seeing so much more.

It is my intention to get you thinking about what you believe to be true, to turn your belief slightly and look at it from a new perspective, to see if you are seeing from a particular agenda, to flip that agenda over and look at it from the other side and make your own decision on how you want to see what you see.

What have you been taught to see? Can you open your eyes to see further into the future? Can you see your potential? Can you see how if you make slight changes in your thinking, how those adjustments could affect your families prosperity? Can you see how if nothing changes, where you’ll be in ten, twenty or thirty years from now? Can you see? Do you want to see?

We see what we’ve been told to see!

Until next time, open your eyes and look a little deeper at what is perceived to be ‘normal’, seek and you will find new ways of seeing.

oxoxo Linda

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