Discipline: Habits live in your mind

Discipline: Habits live in your mind.

Hello, My Friends

Discipline begins in the mind.
Are you ready to change your mind about discipline?

When we are disciplined from the place of supporting ourselves, rather than punishing oursleves, we will find that discipline is very freeing.

What habits do you have in your life that you don’t even think about?
These are disciplines.

Discipline makes life easier, you get to relax and be yourself.
As you work with all the mind drama around your emotions, you free up energy.

Emotions that aren’t heard are like small children, they keep tugging and nagging at us until they are heard.
The reason we ignore our emotions is we believe they are going to hurt us.
That feeling the anger as it flares is some how going to make us a ‘bad’ person. And no-one wants to be seen as being a ‘bad’ person.
The truth is you feel the anger anyway, you just swallow it, or eat it, or you lash out and hit something, the energy of the emotion is already in your body, vibrating and letting you know you don’t like the situation.

As we learn to name and feel the emotion without acting on it, we begin to release the energy in constructive ways.

Ways that don’t turn those emotions on ourselves.
Imagine how much mental space you would have if you stopped mentally beating up on yourself.
What would you think about instead? What would you create if your mental energy wasn’t being used to keep everything smooth, and calm, at least to others.

Discipline begins in the mind.
Learning to identify the emotions and feelings we already have, and don’t want to have is a great place to begin.
Your emotions and feelings have a need to be acknowledged, not acted on necessarily, but identified and named.
Once they are named, they lose their power.

Today’s challenge is to wear your best lingerie under your work clothes. No-one else need to know, but you’ll know.

Until tomorrow, our thoughts are a bit like wearing your best lingerie, no-one else knows what you really think, but you do.

oxox Linda

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