Practice Living a Charmed Life

Have you ever wanted to live a charmed life?
A life that seems so easy and effortless, like it takes no work to have things work out for you.
Today I give you 3 ways to begin to create space for charm in your life.

Welcome to Authentic Living Coaching, The Podcast,
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Living life on your terms, and being your authentic self.

Hello, My Friends

Welcome to Episode # 48
Practicing living a charmed life.
A charmed life is where things seem to fall into place for you effortlessly, you don’t have to strive, or work hard for things to fall into place.
3 ways to creating a charmed life will help you, and to make it easy for you to bring into your reality.

Cultivate simplicity.
By simplicity, I mean to remove everything from your life that clutters, your brain, your body, and your environment.
So you have space to think.
Often we have too many items in our home, that stops us from living a simple life.
Our stuff keeps us bound to what we own. It takes time to clean it, it takes time to move it, it takes time to move around your stuff.
Cultivate simplicity by making the space for you to live comfortably with your gear.
Have three boxes, one to give away, one to keep, one to discard.
Choose one area at a time, decide on each item one at a time.
Ask yourself, “Do I love it?” if yes it stays, if not it goes into one of the boxes.
Ask yourself, “Is it useful?” if yes it stays, if not it goes into one of the boxes.
Ask yourself, ” Is it beautiful?” if it has a negative memory attached to it, and you are ready and willing to let it go, release it.
Cultivate simplicity. Declutter your space.
Make space for yourself in your life.
We are so busy rushing around after everyone else, we don’t have the space to breathe and to be ourselves in our space.
When we allow ourselves to actually stop for a minute, how does that feel?
When you take a moment to actually breathe, and be with you, how does that feel?
A charmed life is a life that has space for you to be in it.
Your life is yours to live, often we give that away to other people, we give it away to our things, we give it away to our jobs, we give away the space that is ours, for us, and having a charmed life means taking back some of that space.
BE deliberate about what you do and who you do it with.
Charming people are very careful about what they watch, what they hear, who they spend their time with.

They want people who will elevate their energy, and they become the person who elevates other people’s energy.
BE deliberate about what you do with your time.
BE deliberate about what you do with your money.
The way that you spend your money tells a story about what is important to you.
Do a budget, and look and see where do actually put your money. That will tell you what is important to you.
Practicing a charmed life is knowing what’s important to you.
Be deliberate about what you do with your money, it’s being deliberate with what you do, and how you dress yourself.
How do you appear in the mornings? How do you make your appearance for work?
Do you have a cool, calm and collected exterior, and do you have a cool, calm, and collected interior? To match that.
BE deliberate about how you move through your day.
BE deliberate who you talk to and how you talk to them.
Be deliberate about who have your free time with, how you spend your free time and who you spend it with.
Make sure it elevates you, that is makes you feel good, that you come away feeling invigorated rather than put down or deflated.
Practicing living a charmed life is about cultivating simplicity in your environment, in the way you move through your life.
It’s about making space for you in your life, every person needs to have a little bit of space for themselves.
It’s about being deliberate about what you do, and who you do it with.

Have a fabulous day my friends. Until next timeā€¦

Live your best life, Know yourself and live your life authentically.
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