Ep #4 Inner Alignment

Where does your energy go?Being in alignment with your authentic self gives you energy, when there is a leak in the authenticity factor you feel out of whack, out of sorts, not quite together. Inner Alignment with your values is key to energy. Welcome to Authentic Living Coaching, I’m your hostess, Linda Codlin As aContinue reading “Ep #4 Inner Alignment”

Confidence: Wear your confidence cloak

Confidence: Wear your confidence cloak. Hello, My Friends It is the last day of the month, our last day of confidence. With these tips and tools It is my intention that you will go forward and have a prosperous life from the inside out. CONFIDENCE:C= CALMLY0= OVERCOMEN= NEGATIVEF= FLAWSI= IDENTIFYD= DESIREDE= EMOTIONSN= NEGOTIATEC= COMMUNICATEE= EXPECTATIONSContinue reading “Confidence: Wear your confidence cloak”