From Within is Greatness.

Who you are is set by the things you do everyday.
You have greatness within you, let it out.

Do what is easy and your life will be hard.

Do what is hard and your life will become easy.

Les Brown

Hello, My Friends

It’s a cold, wet winters day, I am so grateful for heating, it makes everything feel so much better.
However, I am looking forward to spring and summer.
Aren’t we as human’s funny beings.
We are always looking over the fence, thinking, his life looks better than mine.
We are wanting summer in autumn, if we have wavy hair we want straight.
Advertising is good at tapping into this built in desire feature of humanity.

I read this quote and it states what I believe to be so.
“What lies behind me, and what lies before me are tiny matters when compared to what lies within me.”
Henry Hoskin is being credited with saying it.

There are three main time frames in this quote, yesterday, tomorrow, and today.

Yesterday is important, it has been instrumental for us, without each of our yesterdays, we wouldn’t be where we are today.
We wouldn’t have the skills, and abilities we have today.
Living in the regret of the past will prevent you from enjoying today and fulfilling your desires for tomorrow.

Our tomorrows have so much potential, untapped potential.
No-one really knows what the future holds, but we do have a choice in how we face it.
Our tomorrows are built on our today’s. The only day we actually have is today. Right now in this second.
What lies inside you?
Have you thought to ask yourself this question?

What are the sleeping dreams within me?
Who are the people in front of me that I can impact positively today?
You have more potential than you think you do.
Often we lack self-belief, we believe the untruths we have been told in our pasts.
The past lays behind you, it can serve as a push forward, or as a mill stone around your neck, dragging you back.
AND you get to decide.

I like to take a walk in future land, imagining what might lie ahead of me.
Seeing my goal or dream fulfilled, and working from the completed item to now.
In this process, I uncover all the things that I need to grow into to have my completed dream.
However future land is of no value if I don’t do something constructive with today.
My past can hold me back or push me forward, It’s my choice and that choice is made in the story I tell myself about my past.
My future dream can also hold be back or pull me forward, and once again it is my choice, and that choice is also made by the story I tell myself about my history and my belief in myself for the future. The greatness that lies within you, is a combination of the story of your past, and the story of your future.
Choosing to find the strengths in heartache and sorrow, if that is part of your story, will empower you to step into your greatness.
Choosing to take the fabulous things, and people of your historical story will also give you strength when times are tricky or hard.
Choosing to balance and accept all of your history, the great and the sorrowful will give you confidence to face any situation today.

Today is the day that greatness is revealed.

One word of encouragement at a time, One meal cooked with love, One act of grace, when you could be anything but graceful.
By looking to how you’d love your future to look, and who you’d love to be in that future, is the secret to having a purpose that makes the little and not so little things important every day.
This forward looking guides the daily actions you take. One tiny action taken every day, makes a huge difference in 365 days.
Try it, decide and commit to eating a little less every day, or to walking the block at lunch time, or taking the stairs instead of the lift.
Or maybe your tiny action could be to sign up for a particular skill based course, and committing to doing the homework, the practice and using the tips your tutor gives you, this will make a difference to your skill base. At first you will most likely be uncoordinated, or incompetent.
As you continue to apply what you are learning you will move through the learning levels, possibly gaining absolute mastery of the skill.
It’s the tiny daily actions repeated that shows what you are really made of.

It’s the tenacity to stick with your commitment even when it’s cold and wet, or hot and humid.
It’s being dependable, doing and being what you said you would.
These are the great things within you.
If you follow your heart, it will guide you to discover what you really want, and how to get it.
Yesterday and tomorrow are tiny matters compared to what you are today.
Today is the first day of the rest of you life.

What are you going to do with it?

Do you have a plan for where you want to go?

Is your plan written on paper?

Do you think about it often?

Do you ask your magnificent brain for suggestions on how to make your plan reality in the shortest time possible.
This is in your power to do, right now.
Today is the only day you have to action your plan. Yesterday is gone, it’s a memory and can’t be relived other than in your memory.
Tomorrow is a promise, it’s like the carrot, enticing us onward. We never actually get to tomorrow.
Tomorrow becomes today, when the new day dawns, and the planned actions on your tomorrow plan can be actioned as today’s plan.
This shows what kind of person you are, are you a planner, where plans are made for tomorrow, dropped today and become regretted yesterdays.
Or do you follow your planned tomorrows, today, to create evidence of a well lived yesterday.
Yesterday’s compound into today’s and have momentum into tomorrows.
How are you living today?
It will show in your yesterdays and in your tomorrows.

Until next time my friends, make the most of today, it is the only day you can actively influence.

oxox Linda

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