Change: The Constant of Life.

The only constant in life is CHANGE

FEAR is the thief of your DREAMS

BELIEF is the power of your DREAMS

Hello, My friends.

Emotions are fickle things. We are influenced by those around us, the circumstances that are happening in the world, in our country, or in our communities.

It has been said that the only constant in life is CHANGE.

How would it feel if you were the one in the driver’s seat of the change in your life?

Do you have any idea what kind of change you would want?

I’m sure you’ve heard the quote, “If you could have, do, or be anything, what would you want to have, do or be.”

The other day I was listening to a friend asking a similiar question, She put it this way. “If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you attempt to do.” My first tendency was to roll my eyes, yes I know, I’ve heard and used this before.

I came home, sat in the sun and let my mind wander. It tossed those words around in my head, kind of like tasting the sweetness of a chewy lolly. What would I do if I knew that I couldn’t fail? I sat, letting my thoughts percolate.

I also mulled over a quote I’d read earlier in the week. “Give me a persons diary and bank statement, and I can tell you what that person values most in life.” Our time and money show what we value most in our lives. What would my diary and bank statement say about me?

Every day is a brand new opportunity to create the life we want to live..

Do you feel stuck? Do you wish life could be different? If only you had a different partner? Or if only you had more money? Or if your children were better behaved? Then your life would be so much better. The great news is the way you think about each of these things it makes it so.

Knowing where you are right now in this minute, gives you the power to look objectively at your life.

To know where you want to go, you have got to know where you are.

As a young girl, it was my dream to be a mother. It seemed like my entire life I was heading in that direction. I married a handsome young man who promised to be my prince charming, who I expected to rescue and save me. With in the first year of marriage our first child was on the way. I was about to be a mother.

At this stage in my life I was shy, I didn’t have a clue how to be an effective home maker, wife or mother. I was about to discover that change was a guaranteed in life.

I was eight months pregnant when we were involved in a serious car accident. Everyone in our car was unharmed, including the baby. We were blessed, our car however was not so fortunate. As a young couple living on a single income, getting the necessary repairs done to the car put a strain on our financial resources.

These were the days of my life, when getting by day to day, getting the dishes washed and dried, getting the laundry onto the line and folded took most of my time. I look back now and laugh at the young woman I was then. I was clueless. I had no structure and very little discipline.

Fast forward thirty odd years. My life has had many twists and turns. I am not so clueless when it comes to household management now. I am a structured and disciplined woman, I am getting to know myself better every year, which makes me stronger and better at living the life I want.

There have been many lessons along my life’s journey. The one I want to share today is that change is a constant. I wanted with all my heart to be a mum, and when I was I didn’t know how to parent. I learned by the school of hard knocks. At this time in my life, I didn’t have a sense of who I was or what my purpose in life was. I was surviving. Getting through each day trying to be who I thought a wife should be. Comparing myself to other women in the church I was going to. My self talk (which I didn’t even know was a thing) was always negative and self defeating. I never measured up to the high standards I felt everyone placed on me. I was unhappy and didn’t even know it. I thought this was what life was about. I thought the glimpses of contentment I felt in pleasing others was how life was supposed to be.

Now I know I have a choice. I get to choose what I think about myself. i get to choose to love myself and be myself. I get to discover what it is I like to eat. What movies I like to watch, the style of clothes I want to wear.

I want you to know if you have ever felt like someone else is running your life, that you have the chance to make a change. You can change your life from the inside out. And when you do it sticks, it becomes your identity, not like when you’re trying to please some-one from the the outside, by your behaviour.

I am not the same person I was all those years ago as a new wife and mother. I have gained confidence in myself, and in my abilities to trust my inner instincts.

I want this for you. I want you to learn to trust you. You live with yourself every day, you know what feels good and right. You know the action to take that will make the difference to your life. I want to give you the courage to be yourself and step into the world of change. Step into the person you have always wished to be.

Look at where you are today, what you believe about your life and your identity. Does it feel true to you? Do your results: the culmination of your time and money reflect your true values. If not today is a great day to begin creating the results you do want.

What do you really want? What did you want as a child? Who did you want to be as a teen? What did your dream vocation look like? What was it about that vocation that attracted you?

Were you attracted to fame, and attention? or were you some-one who wanted to help others? Or maybe you were concerned about the environment and geology? Was being a business owner something you aspired to?

Look at the what you wanted and then at the why? Ask yourself if I knew I couldn’t fail would I still want to be, do, or have what it was you wanted as a youngster? Maybe you think it’s too late now to pursue that vocation. Look at the why you wanted it, has your motivation changed or is it still the same? how can you fulfill that desire? If you couldn’t fail and you had everything you needed to achieve your ideal, would you have the courage to follow your heart?

I believe we, each and every one of us, has everything we need to become the great person we have always hoped, thought, and dreamed we could be, inside of us.

Most of us are too afraid to take the step of faith and follow our dreams. Fear is the thief of dreams, Belief is the power of dreams.

Believe in yourself. Take a step of faith into the one certain thing of life, CHANGE.

Remember: What you believe is determined by the way you think.

The way you think creates the way you feel.

The way you feel determines how you act or react.

Choose your life on purpose and choose the thoughts that create the feelings you want to move into your dream life.

Struggles are optional.

Change is a constant.

Until next week, set your compass on purpose and steer your life on a course you want to travel. Be your most authentic self.

Linda Codlin.

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