What is your Passion?

Is your passion dangling just out of reach?


Feel the power that comes from focusing on what EXCITES you!

Oprah Winfrey

Hello, My Friends

When you look in the mirror, who do you see?

Recently I was reminded of the picture of the little ginger tabby kitten looking in the mirror and seeing a full grown, striking lion with a full mane and gigantic roar.

We are not who we appear to be. You are not who you appear to be.

Deep inside you, there is a dream, a knowing, of who you are supposed to be.

Have you heard the quote, ” The biggest regret people have on their death bed is that they didn’t follow the dream placed within them.”

What is the dream within you?

Each one of us, has a passion. This passion has been in us from birth.

Your passion might be singing, you sing at every opportunity. Music flows in your veins, you hear the beat, you hear the difference in tone and pitch. You instinctively know that your song is important, and needs to be heard. How do you use your gift to enhance your daily living?

Your passion might be healing people, you have a heart of compassion and you use this compassion to comfort others, your innate knowing of how your body functions and what is best for your body guides you to good nutrition, and physical exercise. You share your compassion, giving hope to those who feel hopeless. Do you give yourself the same compassion you give to others?

Your passion might be food, you love to prepare meals, cook and present food in ways that are pleasing to the eye and the palate. Your flair for flavour, and presentation makes eating an experience to be savoured. You have the ability to take a few basic food items and turn them into some-thing that makes your taste buds zing. How do you express your love for food, to your family, your friends, and to yourself?

Your passion might be in construction, from a young age you have always been creating and designing, trying out new things. You were the child who thrived with the Meccano set, building towering skyscrapers, or inventing new modes of transportation. You used leggo blocks to create monuments. You are the architect who designs and plans buildings, it is what you love to do. You see a picture in your mind and bring that picture to reality one brick, stone, steel girder at a time. Are you following the dream within you to build a lasting legacy?

Your passion might be art, you love to draw, to create beauty in your surroundings. You see colour and texture in a way that most miss. Colour and texture pull the intuition and creativity out of you. The way you decorate your spaces, flow and gives a sense of peace and harmony. Your inner knowing of what goes with a certain item is astounding to others, your vision of how the complete picture looks is pulled together one item at a time. You gain immense satisfaction in creating order, beauty and style. How do you use your talents for creating beauty, order and harmony in your life?

Your passion might be to see things grow. You have green thumbs, whatever you touch grows. Gardening and working with plants are your thing. You create beauty with plants, designing landscapes that take the breath away from all who see it. You love the feel of the soil as you till the ground, making the land fertile watching the tiny seeds develop into plants that sustain life. How do you fulfill your need to see new life come to the fullness of fruition?

Maybe you’re an engineer, you love to problem solve. You think deeply, you see what needs fixing, and see ways that things can be improved, you love to tinker in your shed, you create some-thing new from the materials you already have on hand. Your incredible mind is always improving, forward looking, seeing what life could be like if you just tweaked this, or just moved that slightly. How are you using these amazing skills and insights to create a better lifestyle for your community?

What is your inborn passion?

Is it talking and motivating people?

Is it earning vast wealth to create better services for humanity?

Is it social services and social reforms that get you passionate?

Whatever your passion is, do not let it sit in you unfulfilled.

Take a risk on yourself, allow the nay sayers to say their piece but continue on following your path.

Every day remind yourself what it is you love, ask yourself how can I make this dream work? What needs to be done next to make the vision in my mind a reality.? Then begin, step forward, trust that the next thing you need to know, will appear as you need it. Focus your attention on your goal, become single minded and train yourself to do the unpleasant things that will eventually get you, your end result.

Most people are too afraid to follow their calling. When your desire for some-thing is strong enough, you will find the inner strength to overcome your fears, and the negative voices of those around you to become the person you need to be to achieve your inner desire.

How many musicians made it to the top, even when their teachers, family and friends told them they couldn’t? How many of those musicians lost every-thing and had to start again multiple times? How many stories do you hear of musicians overcoming against all the odds? Was it easy? No! If it was easy everyone would be at the top. Part of the joy of being a top performer is the joy of becoming a top performer.

Who is your ‘idol’ ? Who do you look up to and why?

Have they done what you want to do? Do an in-depth study on their life, I am sure you will find they had to overcome many challenges, face the fear inside themselves, which is usually the greatest thing that stops people from achieving their dreams. I would say they didn’t give up when times got hard, when money was scarce, when true friends were few and far between. Success comes to those who persist in the face of fear and adversity.

Name your dream, create a plan, even if it is only the bones of a plan. Keep your idea to yourself and begin. People can’t steal your hope and dream if they don’t know about it. Select those you surround yourself with carefully, be sure they are on your team, and preferably are some-one who is where you want to be.

Then begin, start in the direction you want to go. Imagine what it feels like to be the person who does and has what you want. Imagine the feeling of success you have, when your project or dream is your new reality and begin to act and think like some-one with that success.

The path will unfold as walk, doors will open as you gain the skills and abilities required for the next phase.

I encourage you to awaken your dream again. Do not go to the world beyond this one without having fulfilled the purpose you have inside you. You have what you need to begin, feel the fear and step anyway.

Until Next Time

Live the life you have always dreamed about, and live it your way.

Be your authentic self, in the way you think, in the goals you attain, and the way you attain your dream.

You are original, and only you can do and be who you are meant to be and do what you are meant to do.

Linda Codlin


Email me at authenticlivingwithlinda@gmail.com

Find me on Facebook @authenticlivingwithlinda @lindacodlin25

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Email me at authenticlivingwithlinda@gmail.com

Find me on Facebook @authenticlivingwithlinda @lindacodlin25

Connect with me for a one on one coaching appointment.

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