Dynamic Living: Mindset, Connection, Essence

Dynamic Living: Mindset, connection, and Essence.

Hello, My Friends

Our final day on dynamic living.

We have looked at how your mindset affects and influences everything you do.

The way you think colours the way you see life, which has an impact on your attitude and how you react or respond to things that happen in your life.
Thinking has an influence on how you live, you get what you expect.

Expectation is about more than the words we speak, it is about the energy behind the words and the thoughts.

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When you come from a fearful energy, your results will be shrouded in fearfulness.
You may get your result, but you have a nagging fear that it will be taken off you, or that you will lose it. The energy speaks louder than words.
Thoughts and beliefs impact energy.
Your essence is who you are, living a dynamic life is about letting yourself be yourself, without fear, lack or scarcity.
Being who you are, or who you want to be is about listening to your intuition, your inner knower.
It’s about backing yourself, and letting go all the should’s, have to’s and ought to’s that other people have sown in your life.
When you are living your dynamic life, you will know who you are, you will have a sense of peace and harmony within yourself.
Your essence and your energy will be more in alignment than not, and this is when the magic begins to happen.
Life will flow a little easier, as you follow your gut instincts you will learn to trust that you do know what you want and you do know the next step to getting what you want.
Your connection with yourself, influences the impact you have with other people.
When you are connected to who you are, and what you really want, you are able to put up your red velvet rope, you have a standard to live into.
As you raise your standards your energy levels and flow also lift.
Which attracts and repels, attracts more of the energy you are putting out, and repels the energy you are not putting out.

Better things come your way, you feel better about yourself, you take better care of yourself which overflows into every other part of your life.

Dynamic people are real people, they know who they are, they accept their weaknesses and love themselves anyway.
They know they are not perfect, they also know they are not broken, and that any situation that is not serving them can be changed.

A dynamic person knows they have the power to change any thought, belief, emotion or action that they want to.

They also know that they get to choose whatever thought, belief, emotion and action they want. They programme their minds with thoughts that create the life they want to live.

There is no need to ever feel like an imposter, because you are as worthy of what you want as the next person is worthy of what they want.

This is fabulous news, you and I get to create, we get to choose the life we want, and we also get to know we are only ever a new thought, belief and action away from it being our new reality.

Today’s Pearl of Wisdom is dynamic people live the three pillars of Mindset, Connection, and Essence.

oxoxo Linda

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