Leading: Taking one by the hand while moving forward.

Leading: Taking one by the hand while moving forward.

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Welcome to the month of July, this month I’ll be sharing a few thoughts, facts and tips about leading.
I chose leading rather than leadership, as I feel that leading is more in line with coaching.

One of the definitions of leading is guiding, taking one by the hand and going with them while moving forward.

It is my intention to take you on a journey of self discovery, teaching and learning how we lead ourselves and others.

The importance of influence and power in our personal lives and the lives of those around us.

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How we can be the leader of our own lives.

When you are leading, the implication is that you are out in front.
Where do you sit in your life?
Are you in the front seat driving your life to the destination of your choice? Or are you in the back seat begin led, allowing other people to make the decisions on where you are going and how you’ll get there?

As always you need to know where you are going in order to get there.
What do you want?
Notice I didn’t ask what does your mother or father want for you.
I didn’t ask what you want for your children.
or what the expectations you feel are being placed on you by society, or religious institutions, or clubs or sporting teams.

What do you want? Have you ever just sat and thought about what you want, what will make you happy, what the desire is that has been in your heart forever and that you have been too afraid to admit to yourself?

I’m asking you to admit it to yourself. Don’t tell anyone, just nurture that little seed, think about how it feels to let the hope of having it well in your heart.
Now, listen to the words your mind is telling you.
These words are very important, they are the clue to your success or your failure.
These words are the words of self protection. They are words you have spoken to yourself, or have had spoken to you by other people.
Listen to them. If you are brave write them down.
Words belong on paper, thoughts are words and they belong written on paper so you can look at them without the emotions that your mind attaches to them.
Read the words, what are they saying to you, or about you?
Do they make you feel good, or do they make you feel like you can’t do what you want to do? Are they serving you in getting what you want?
If they are not serving you, you can change them.

Take the key word and turn it into an I can statement.
For example let’s say your words are saying, you can’t do that, you can’t save money to save yourself, how are you going to pay for the tuition.
The key words are can’t, money, tuition.
We flip the can’t into can. I can begin where I am, I can learn to save money for my tuition.
It is really important to acknowledge where you are, and that you have the ability to learn. These statements let your brain know you are thinking in a new way.
If your brain answers you back with a smart reply, tell it, I can begin where I am and I will prove it to myself.

This is the key, do not tell anyone else about you want just yet, remind your brain at least three times a day, that you can begin where you are, that you are proving it to yourself, that you can save money for your tuition.
Then begin to put aside one dollar a week. Watch your mind chatter and remind yourself you are proving to yourself that you can save money for your tuition.

Be consistent, water your little seed of hope everyday with your words of faith.

Today’s inspirational droplet is Your words are powerful, use them powerfully for your good.

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