Leading: Wanting what you want with honesty.

Leading: Wanting what you want with honesty.

Hello, My Friends

Do you know what you want? Did you spend some time feeling within yourself for the real thing you want?

I want to clarify, for those who may be feeling overwhelmed, for those who can’t decide what to pick.

You can’t get it WRONG, and it will never be DONE.

What I mean you can not pick a wrong want, choose something you think you really want.
Your body will tell you if you have chosen truthfully.

Your body is amazing, it is an energy receptor, it is a vibration radar, and it is a magnificent interpreter.
If the thing you want does not resonate with you, your body will tell you.

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You can not get it wrong, choose something and find the sensation in your body, ask yourself, “Does this feel good to me? Where do I feel this sensation? “
The only thing you need to know about your want is that you like your reason for wanting it and it feels good in your body.
Remember excitement and fear can have the same feeling sensation, the determining factor is how you feel about the opportunity to live your dream.

Secondly it will never be done.
What I mean there will always be the next thing that you will be seeking.
When you get the Mustang, you will find you have another want.
This is completely normal, humans are made for expansion.
You will always be looking for the next thing, and the next thing. The day we stop learning and expanding, growing and changing is the day we begin to die.

Have a look back over your life so far, when you received something you really wanted, you saved for, worked hard for, went without for, how long was it before you began wanting the next brilliant thing.
Do not beat yourself up about this. You are being human. To be anything less is to sell yourself short.

I want to clarify, that not everything that you want will be tangible, as in materialistic or things, some of the things you may want are emotional, are on the getting to give scale.
The only thing you need to know is you are being honest with yourself about why you want this thing.
Believing you will gain brownie points with someone or something, isn’t enough.
Believing that by you wanting to make other people’s lives better will somehow make you a better person, it won’t. (You are good enough exactly as you are, warts and all.)
Believing that you some how have to earn your worth by the things you do, the places you go, the people you mix with and the way you live. You don’t.
You are worthy because you are a human being. And yes you may have acted in ways in the past that you are not proud of.
It shows you are human like every one of us.

To gain peace and harmony from within, beginning to accept that it is okay for you to want what you want without apology, without an explanation, without justification and without anyone else’s approval.

This is what leading yourself is all about. Being true to yourself, being honest with yourself, being your authentic self.

Today’s Inspirational Droplet is You get to want what you want without apology, without explanation, and without justification.

oxoxo Linda

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