Leading: Your purpose for leading.

Leading: Your purpose for leading.

Hello, My Friends

Do you have a purpose for wanting to lead?
Most people I talk with don’t understand what their purpose is, I feel they are looking for neon lights in the sky to tell them this is your purpose, walk this way.
And maybe for you it was that way, your purpose found you like a bolt of lightning.

I have found that most people figure out their purpose on the journey of living, by living.

Do you believe your purpose is set and unchangeable?
Do you believe your purpose changes as you go through life experiencing what you experience?

You may be saying I don’t want to lead. Then you will be happy and content being tossed and blown about by every thought and idea that other people pose to you.
You will be happy and content to never really do anything of value, or to contribute to anything that creates, beautifies, or enhances.

It is my belief that each one of us has a desire to lead.

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To lead yourself, to lead your family, to lead in your career.
Remember that leading is, in this sense guiding someone by taking them by the hand while moving forward.

Let’s look at finding your purpose for leading, and we will begin with the want you decided yesterday that you wanted.

Let’s say your want is to lose weight.
What is the purpose behind the benefit you believe you will gain with being slender?
Why do you want to lose weight? Or become financially independent, or own a bigger home, or start a new business, or grow a garden?

We have briefly talked about liking your why, for wanting what you want.
Now if you’ll dig deeper into your why, you may just find your purpose.
Your purpose is the reason you do what you do. It colours everything you do. It determines what you will and won’t accept from yourself and others.
Your purpose is the emotion behind the actions you take.

Back to your why?
Ask yourself why do I want what I want? Write down the words as they form in your mind, without filtering.
Then ask your self, why do I want this? Which is the words from above, also write your response without filtering.
Keep asking yourself why do I want this? Until you delve into the deepest and truest reasons why you want what you want.

Do this for every answer to the question that you have. You may have six different reasons for the first question, delve into each reason, questioning and asking why you want this? Answering as honestly as you can.
This could lead you to ask and answer, the why I want this question, 6,7, or 8 times for each reason.
Do this honestly and your purpose will reveal itself to you.

If you want assistance with this process, contact me by email for coaching, together, your purpose can be uncovered.

Today’s Inspirational Droplet is You have a purpose for being here!

oxoxo Linda

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