New beginnings and new perspectives.

New Beginnings

Clean slates

Unknown Futures

So many blessings to be had

Tomorrow can be all of the above

A shift in perspective is all that is needed.

Hello, My Friends

This week has been a productive week for my youngest son, his wife added a little daughter to our family. New life is so special, it has, a breath of fresh air attached to it. This little girl is like a clean slate, we don’t know what the future holds for her, and as yet we are not aware of her personality. The possibilities are endless and she isn’t even aware of this herself, her focus is on her needs and communicating them to whoever will listen.

In what areas of your life are you like this little baby?

We all have areas of our lives that we haven’t tapped into yet. They may fall into the too hard basket so we don’t even begin to look at them, we are aware of them, and now and again those things will nag at us, bringing that area into full focus, causing us some discomfort.

We also have areas of our lives that we don’t know anything about yet. The catalyst that sparks the interest hasn’t happened yet. Much like our little baby, she doesn’t know that all the things she is feeling right now have names, and in time she will master how she moves her limbs, and how she will hone her communication skills.

This week I went to our local library with the intention of collecting a few different titles and genres. I figured if I want to experience new thoughts then I must begin to read new literature. I have been interested in the Parisian culture for a long time, it continually draws me to it. Picking up a book on creative Paris, which tells of the stories of Parisian women and the style, decor and pictures of the things that are important for these woman.

As I read these stories, it dawned on me that every one of the apartments vividly reflected the woman living in it. All the items each woman surrounded herself with had value to her personally, she chose every detail deliberately. Including the mismatched china, the art work on the walls, the clothes she wore, every detail was deliberate.

One of the quotes in this book is Life is in the detail. I read this to mean that the small things in our lives creates our lives.

As I look around my home, I wonder what a detective of make of my life by the knick-knacks I have surrounded myself with. What story does my home and the things in it say about me.

I enjoy being in beauty, however I’m beginning to re-evaluate what beauty is. Is it matching lounge furniture, matching cutlery and crockery. Having the prettiest things, but for these not to mean anything is that really beauty, and is that really what I want my life to mean?

As I ponder the things I have surrounded myself with, I realize some are relics of my past, the way I thought about life and what I believed to be true about myself. Some of the things I have kept, came to me through fear, lack and scarcity. That energy is attached to those items. As beautiful as these things are, they can be an energy block to me.

I can get rid of the items, and purge my home of all my past things, and some that are not valuable to me will, however their are some items that mean a lot to me, remind me of people who have passed on, have fond memories attached to them. With these items I get to choose the story I want them to represent to me.

That’s the great thing with thoughts, I get to choose to think whatever I want to think. I can choose the energy belief I have around any item in my home, if I feel the energy of lack, and scarcity around an item, I can physically choose to create a new energy for that item and what it means to me. I can remember the person who gave it to me with blessings and peace instead of hurt and bitterness. I can decide to think abundantly about the item, knowing why it is precious to me and why I want it to stay.

I also get to say goodbye to items that I no longer love, no matter how much money the item cost when I purchased it. (This is scarcity thinking, I have to keep it because it cost so much money when I bought it- This thinking will keep money away from you.)

This book fits in perfectly with the thinking of If I love it, if I think it is beautiful, and if it is useful then it gets to stay. On the other side of this thinking is believing I have to keep something because it was a gift to me, feeling guilty about an item or person every time I look at the item, and realizing that I don’t like how this item feels to me are all clues that mindset work is required or it is time to release the item.

How many things take up physical space in our homes, and mental space in our minds, and emotional space in our spirits that we can actually let go of, and in the letting go, feel more freedom within ourselves. Bring more harmony and peace to our environment, which will nurture our spirits.

We are spirit beings having a human experience, when our spirit, body and mind are in unity we feel peace and harmony.

Today’s take away is have a look around your home, what gives you a feeling of tension, what don’t you like, what doesn’t fit with who are are today and who you are becoming?

What have you kept from yesteryear, because it never occurred to you that you could let it go?

Fresh eyes, reading a book from a new perspective can change everything, eating in a new restaurant can give you fresh insights, walking instead of driving, or cycling instead of walking, wearing different styles of clothes, listening to a different radio station, going to a supermarket you don’t normally shop with, actually greeting people as you walk past them in the street, or opposite them on the bus or train.

I’d love to hear how you experience new and different ways of being, what you do to create new perspectives for yourself, write a comment below and share with me, and you never know I may just try it out and end up sharing my experience here with every one.

oxoxo Linda

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