Dynamic Living: Personal connection is important.

Dynamic Living: Physical connection is important.

Hello, My Friends

We are living in a world where isolation is easier than reaching out to another person.

Hiding behind our phones and digital devices, we try to cover up the loneliness of souls who yearn for connection.

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Social media is a poor substitute for face to face friends.
Friends to touch, to share sorrow with, to laugh with ruckus, noisy and boisterous joviality.
Friends who have our back, who listen to us, and to whom we listen to.
People who call us out on our inappropiate behaviours, and then give us a hug to let us know it’ll be alright.

Connecting with people, connecting with family, connnecting with people within clubs and sports events.
Being connection to community, feeling like you are heard, feeling like you belong.
Sometimes this connection can come through online groups of people with like interests.

How do you connect with the people who mean the most to you?

How do you deal with loneliness, and feelings of being alone?

What makes you feel connected to those around you?

I’m interested in your answers to these questions, many people are feeling isolated and your sharing how you connect may help someone else to connect with someone on their outside.

Being a little vulnerable can be frightening.
Dynamic people allow themselves to be vulnerable, to feel their emotions and acknowledge when they are feeling a bit blue.

The need to put on happy faces and pretend that life is sweet all the time is one of the greatest lies we have been fed, with the positive thinking movement.
Happy faces put over depressed hearts, do not help anyone. They create a festering and dark hole that is very hard to get out of.

Depressed hearts need physical support to heal, if this is how you are feeling reach out to some one who you feel safe with.
Some one who is willing to listen and help you to clarify what is real and what is not.

There is always light and love for hearts that are feeling hurt and broken, all it takes is you reaching out to some one you trust.
If you find support is missing, keep asking until you find the support you need.

Physical connection is important for our emotional and mental well-being.
Connect with a human being, sitting opposite a human being.

Today’s Pearl of Wisdom is No-one can create the life they want without other people, reach out to someone today.

oxoxo Linda

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