3 Ways to Change a Belief

Beliefs, we all have them.
How often do we actually stop to investigate how well they are serving us in living a life we enjoy.
You can change your belief.
Live your life your way.
3 ways to change your beliefs can get you started.

We all come to a turning point

The point where we know we must make a change.

You have the ability to turn your life in whatever direction you want.

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Hello My Friends

We go about our daily lives wrapped up in what we deem to be important.
Pursuing the goals of other people, reaching out to please or satsify the demands that have been placed upon us.

It is my belief that everything we go through, and choose to live, is for our benefit.
It may not feel good, or nice or pleasant. However it is in our space to teach us something, to hone a skill, or to encourage us to move on.
We accept in our lives what we believe we deserve.
Most of us believe we deserve what has been handed to us by other people, societies, religions and cultures.
Until we decide to look behind the reasons we do the things we do, and discover why we actually do them, and where the compulsion comes from, we will continue to perpetuate the same behaviours.

There are things I do, that I know I ought not do, and even though I try to change my actions; I still fall into doing them.
Do have this same scenario in your life?

Behind the actions I don’t want is a belief, and that belief guides my thinking and my self-image.
The image I hold is like the thermostat of my life. It determines what I will or won’t accept, it determines how I act and think.

To challenge a belief is to question your self-identity.
To question where the belief first came from, (without blame), and to see what is keeping it alive.

Do you have a belief about what is a good weight to weigh?
The right amount of money you should be earning?
The type of person you are supposed to love and be loved by?
The house and car you are meant to have or not have?
All of these are belief driven, all of these and so many more are changeable, we can decide what we want to believe.

The interesting thing about a belief is how much we are willing to fight for it; even when we know it is not helping us to get what we really want.

3 ways to change a belief:

  1. Reprogramme your brain: Your brain will challenge you, when you try to shift your belief. Your belief has served you (or not) till now and your brain likes to stay with the familiar.
    Affirmations help you to build a new neural pathway from your current way of thinking to your desired way of thinking.
  2. Question everything: Ask yourself pointed questions. Questions that demand your brain to create clarity around what you really want.
    Use the what, where, when, why and how format.
    Always ask questions that will move you forwaed toward your new belief.
  3. Begin to act in the way your new belief would have you act.
    I’m not a big fan of “fake it till you make it” because I don’t believe in faking anything.
    I believe we are practicing new ways of being, until they become who we are.

We get to dress in a way we think our new belief would have us dress.
We get to create new habits, new skills to match our new, uplevelled self-image.
As we do this, we create a new identity for ourselves.

Affirmations that are written in the postitive present tense are telling our brain what we are choosing to think.
Our brain can only hold one thought at a time, choose a thought that your brain will believe.
For example; Instead of saying, “I am a multi-millionaress.” when you have very little money or assets.
Begin to retrain you brain with, “I handle the money I have wisely.”
Your brain may argue with you, but this is something you can prove to yourself that you can handle the money you have better, by using the skills you learn around money management, debt repayment and your new spending habits.

To figure what you need to fulfil your affirmation ask yourself questions around your affirmation.
“What does wise money management look and feel like to me?”
“What skills do I need to learn, so I know how to handle the money I have wisely?”
“Where could I find people who would willingly help me learn to handle the money I have better?”
“How will I feel when I am handling my money wisely, easily and effortlessly?”

As you begin to move in the direction of your affirmation, you will build evidence and trust in yourself that you can and are becoming the person of your new identity.

When we live this way consistently, it becomes our new normal.
Every time our old belief raises an objection, we remind ourselves of the new belief we are creating with our affirmation.
We also ask questions of the objection.
These objections are like signposts on the road to our new belief, they are indicators of hidden beliefs that are holding up, or sabotaging our progress.
Enbrace them, set up an affirmation around them, ask questions of them, create new actions around your objections.
Every objection that you overcome, is a sign of true growth towards the identity and belief you want.
Keep creating your identity around your true hearts desires.

Until next time.
Investigate one belief that is standing between you and the thing you want most in your life.

xoxo Linda

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