Leading: Interdependence in leading.

Leading: Interdependence in leading.

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Yesterday we talked about the four varieties of groups.
The primary group of family and very close friends
The collective group of people who are at the same event, experience or common activity like a music festival.
The category group of people who have an overarching belief system such as the Christian faith, or the country of their birth or origin.
The social group of people are groups of people with a specific purpose that help the individuals, such as sporting groups or support group.

Within these groups there are different types of leading styles.

One of these styles is the interdependent leading strategy.

What exactly is interdependence?

Interdependence is the mutual dependence on things.

In group settings each member is dependent on the other members for the group to work.
We live in a society that advocates for individuality and competition in nearly all areas of life.
Learning to work in a team, within a group for the most successful out come for all is generally foreign to us.
By learning to be interdependent with our family, we learn that if one person thrives we all thrive.
By giving a helping hand when someone needs it, we are creating harmony.

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There are five ways a leader can encourage interdependent cooperation with groups and teams.
1) Reminding each individual that no-one individual has all the answers, and when brilliant brains work together they produce brilliant ideas.
2) Refraining from making unilateral (individual) decisions without input from all team or group members.
3) Actively discourage ‘factions’ when they arise, prevent the us vs them mentality, as a team or group we are all in this together.
4) When mistakes or failures happen, remind the team, group to focus on the solution, to work out a better way forward. Create a safe space where blame and judgement are not welcome.
5) Remember at all times that change is self-motivated, it can not be imposed on any one, by any other person in the team or group no matter what their standing or title is.

In well functioning interdependent teams and groups there is a sense of genuine trust, strong bonds of empathy, compassion and success, as in satisfaction and happiness with outcomes.

Having an understanding of the importance of building interdependence in teams and groups sets us up for our discussion for tomorrow.

We are each individuals, however our decisions impact our lives and the lives of people we interact with. Being aware of being part of a bigger picture can help to ground us in the value we have to offer.

Today’s inspirational droplet is A self made man, had many helping hands to get him where he is today.

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