What is your leading style?

What is your leading style?

Hello, My Friends

Over the last 20 days I’ve given you a lot of information about leading, how to be a better leader, how to lead yourself, and how to find your leading style.

What is your leading style?

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Tell me about a time when you felt coerced to do some thing you were uncomfortable with.
How did you handle yourself?
Crying in the bathroom, frustrated that the words you wanted to say, just wouldn’t be said.
Flying off the handle, getting angry and raging at anyone who will listen, but not being heard.
Withdrawing into yourself, feeling isolated and alone, knowing no-one understands or cares.

Leading with style and flair is possible.
Leading with elegance and dignity can be yours.

Authentic Living Coaching can take you from frustrated to flourishing, getting your voice heard, guiding you to lead with your personal charm.

oxoxo Linda

As a life coach it is my intention to help you to live your best life, every day.
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