Leading through growth and productivity

Leading through growth and productivity Hello, My Friends Part of being a leader is to encourage growth, both personally and professionally within yourself and your team. As well as creating productivity, reaching goals and standards that the company have set.Leading a team is about planning and strategising on the measurable metrics that are required toContinue reading “Leading through growth and productivity”

Discipline: Reframe your view

Discipline: Reframe your View. Hello, My Friends Today I want to talk about reframing your view of discipline. Because everything begins with a thought and each one of us gets to decide what we want to think we can change any point of view we want. Everything you want that you don’t currently have isContinue reading “Discipline: Reframe your view”

Release Resistance, Style Serenity

Serenity is not freedom from the storm, But peace amid the storm. S A Jefferson-Wright Whatever you resist you become. If you resist anger, you are always angry. If you resist sadness, you are always sad. If you resist suffering, you are always suffering. If you resist confusion, you are always confused. We think thatContinue reading “Release Resistance, Style Serenity”