Personal Development

Are you tired of striving to have?
Do you want to stop and breathe for a few moments?
Where are you in your life?
Are you enjoying the process of living your life?
You are worthy, because you are.
You can stop striving and be.

Unlock your potential.

Unfold your personality

Ignite your passion


Hello My Friends,

It has been a fabulous week, Hubby is in his element constructing, I am in my happy place, writing and helping.
It is so easy to become focused on the task in hand, that we forget to connect to the people around us.
Hubby and I have found this to be so this week. We are both enjoying our separate activities. Wrapping ourselves in the joy of creating.
Sitting in front of the television, eating meals, talking but not really communicating. We realised our love connection was feeling a bit jaded, neglected even.
One of our favourite ways to reconnect with each other is in the bath-tub.
It is alone time, no distractions, just the two of us. This is our space and time to catch up.
Do you and your significant other have a time and space to connect emotionally, to catch up, and to recharge your relationship batteries?

Today I want to talk about personal development.
I remember when I first walked through the doorway of the personal development world, it felt like I’d walked into a huge warehouse full of so many possibilities.
I recall thinking that this would fix me. Make me better, make me whole, complete.
I was trying to be worthy, to gain approval, to feel like I mattered.
So I dove in head first. Being the all or nothing person I was, I gave it my all, I tried to change me, I worked on attitudes, I did all the things.
And I got tired, I wore myself out, I still felt less than, I still felt like a failure, I still had all my problems.
I had expected this wonderful world of personal development to fix me, and it didn’t.
I had expected to feel better about me, and I didn’t.

I remember the day, I got it!
I got the concept that I’m not broken, I’m not here to be fixed, I’m okay as I am.
What an eye opener, I am worthy because I am, not for what I do, not for being perfect, not for earning love.
I am worthy because I was born a person.

I want you to think about that statement for a bit.
You are WORTHY because you are a person. No other reason.

This one concept changed everything for me. It wasn’t a miracle cure, but it was a massive shift in perspective.
It shifted the way I saw my life, the way people interacted with me, and me with them.

Worthiness or the feeling of the lack of worth, is so prevalent in our society.
We feel we have to be perfect. Let me say this. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS PERFECTION.
Did you hear me. There is no such thing as perfection.
It is an illusion.

The second big Aha for me was, Personal Development is for life.
I thought once I mastered a skill, or became the ideal woman in my mind, I’d be there.
In reality there is no THERE.
Life is evolvement, an unfolding, it is change.
The only constant in life is change. I didn’t understand that quote, in truth I probably have only scratched the surface of it.
Striving to get THERE, gave me purpose a goal to achieve. It was like a target to achieve. Once I got there I could stop striving.
What I am in the process of learning is that here, is there.
The life I am living today is part of my journey, as I master my inner world, the outer world reflects that back to me.
As I live my life in worthiness, worthiness is reflected back to me.
An external goal is for motivation to pull me forward, to encourage me to stretch, to grow, to see how far I can go in my life.
What if each of us, moved forward with the attitude that everyone else was as worthy as we are?
What if we decided to follow the dreams that are within us?
Where would you be, who would you be?
Our life is malleable, it is pliable, it is open to being created.
What do you want to create with your life? From a place of self love, of worthiness, of knowing you can do whatever you think and believe you can do?
What potential is laying dormant in you waiting to be ignited?
Is it time for you to develop yourself personally? To unfold your life into your fuller potential?

Your challenge for today is to look in the mirror, really look at your reflection, past your body, and look into your spirit. Then whisper, (or shout) you are worthy of great things.

Until next time, keep keeping on, keep learning and growing, keep loving yourself.

oxoxo Linda.

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