Discipline: Reframe your view

Discipline: Reframe your View.

Hello, My Friends

Today I want to talk about reframing your view of discipline.

Because everything begins with a thought and each one of us gets to decide what we want to think we can change any point of view we want.

Everything you want that you don’t currently have is on the other side of discipline.
And what you want isn’t moving toward you until you show you are committed to moving toward it.

Discipline is the commitment that brings what you want closer to you.

As you move your energy towards what you want, the weird thing is the thing you want begins to move towards you.

This is the key to time freedom, space freedom, energy freedom, emotional freedom, financial freedom, and personal freedom.

Freedom is the ability to choose for yourself the result you want.
Do you have the freedom to choose how you spend, or invest your time, your finances, your emotions, your energy or yourself?

Most often the answer is no.
We are time bound by needing to work, to gain finances which we don’t always use as we would really love to.
Often we are bound by the stuff we have already purchased and been given, that we use our time and energy maintaining them, using them, cleaning them, and looking at them.
If this stuff is pleasant to look at and to remember the past emotional ties attached to them, then we most likely will want to keep them.
If these things have unpleasant memories attached to them, then they are enslaving us to emotional bondage, draining our energy and personal power.
Getting the things that are not pleasant, necessary or beautiful from your environment will give you more space, in your home, in your mind, in your emotions and in your finances.

Discipline creates space for you to grow, to remove all the things that don’t create the vision you have for yourself.
Making more space for you to be a true expression of who you are.

Discipline creates freedom, for you to explore what you really want, to create systems to take care of the mundane necessary chores of living.
Prevents procrastination, overwhelm, over spending, over eating, under achieving. Oh, so many things, and in so many ways brings results that bring joy and happiness.

Today’s challenge is to clear out three items that irritate you, every time you look at them they grate on your spirit.

Until tomorrow, begin to create an environment that you love, and that reflects your love back to you.

oxox Linda

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