Leading through growth and productivity

Leading through growth and productivity

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Part of being a leader is to encourage growth, both personally and professionally within yourself and your team.

As well as creating productivity, reaching goals and standards that the company have set.
Leading a team is about planning and strategising on the measurable metrics that are required to attain the goal that has been set.
An effective leader knows how to inspire the team to work together to create the outcomes required.

Sometimes this looks like a problem solving session, where everyone’s ideas are pooled, every idea is valid, brain storming is about pulling many ideas from many brains.

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Sparking ideas off one another can give an out of the box solution.
For this to work, the leader prepares the team for cooperative working, setting the base rules, and enforcing them if they are stepped over.
People share their best and wackiest ideas when they feel safe from humiliation and embarrassment.
The effective leader acts as a facilitator, a conductor if you will, guiding and encouraging every person at the table to participate.

Sometimes to achieve the outcomes expected, the leader may be required to head a SMARTER goal setting session.
The leader will have the goal, and will use this method to iron out the details, for the group and for the individuals within the group.
Thus ensuring that everyone knows what is expected of them. Tasks to be done, by whom and in what time frame, also to be able to evaluate and reassess as necessary.

Leading involves setting the rules and ensuring they are adhered to, with respect and caring, also with firmness and fairness.
A business is in business for productivity, without results for their clients the business would not be viable.
Each team member is valuable to this end, if the team are not pulling together to get the results the client and company have agreed upon, the leader is usually the first to know about it.
An effective leader, will communicate to the team in a way that encourages and inspires, and at times maybe uses the stick and carrot to motivate their people.

An effective leader is always honing their skills, and actively encouraging their team to do the same. Asking for help and support from both above and below in the hierarchy of a company.
By extending themselves and expecting their team to extend themselves, the people around them are constantly growing, if this environment is structured in a way that is supportive then everyone benefits, including the company.
People who are willing to be trained, and up-skill themselves are assets, they save the company revenue in reducing staff turnover, people become more highly skilled and therefore of more value to the company, increasing their productivity and the company’s revenues.

An effective leader actively encourages both growth and productivity within their teams, they inspire team members to aim high and to succeed.

Today’s inspirational droplet is Effective leaders influence people to grow productively.

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