Leading: Managing vs leading

Leading: Managing vs leading

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What is the difference between managing and leading?

There is a difference in the way they think, in the way they handle the same tasks.

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In the following categories we will compare how managers behave and how leaders behave.

1) Planning: A manager focuses on sequences and tasks, making sure that every thing is running well, whereas a leader is focused on the Overview and the result of the business.

2) Thinking: A manager assesses the risk and tends to be rational, following the rules and playing safe, whereas a leader challenges thoughts and is intuitive, looking for better ways to run the business.

3) People: A manager supports and supervises people, they expect and train people to follow the standards that the business has set, whereas the leader inspires and encourages people to become the very best that they can be, to step into their higher abilities.

4) Change: A manager maintains the status quo, once again following the rules, whereas the leader actively promotes change, increasing their reach and innovation making goods and services better, producing more revenue.

5) Resources: A manager monitors and allocates the resources that are within their charge, the leader looks for more resources, they seek out better deals, more clients, more assets to create greater revenue and deals for the business.

6) Focus: A manager focuses on the fine details, looking at the day to day running, the leader is looking at the big picture, seeing where the business or people, or resources, or clients are heading in the future.

Mangers are very necessary, if you are a manager, be proud of being a manager and begin to instigate a few of the ways leaders think and behave.
Look at the bigger picture.

Are you managing your life or are you living your life by leading yourself into your future?
Leading yourself by planning, do you have a plan, and do you follow it? Do you have an over arching goal of what you really want?
This is leading yourself, and then managing yourself to make the plans you have made come to fruition.

Do you manage your resources, monitoring them and categorizing what you have and how you can care for them, or do you also look to increase your resources? Thinking abundantly is about increase rather than scrimping and saving to make resources go further or going without, to lead yourself effectively involves both management and leadership.
How focused are you on your results? What you focus on becomes what you get? Focus on what you want, plan and manage, lead yourself by being disciplined to do what you know you need to do.

Today’s inspiration droplet is Get excited about something you want, feel that excitement deep down inside you.

oxoxo Linda

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