Leading: Having command over.

Leading: Having command over.

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One of the definitions of leading is to be in charge of, to have command over.

It is my belief that the only person we can control is ourselves.

A powerful person is someone who commands themselves.

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Think about that statement, a powerful person is someone who commands themselves.
Do you command yourself?
When you say you’ll be somewhere, you show up, even when it is inconvenient, even when you don’t feel like it, even when no-one will appreciate you showing up.
What you think in the secret of your heart, shows in your actions and your attitudes.

The most difficult and unruly part of our lives is our mind.
It needs training, it requires that we be in charge of it, to take loving command of our mind.
Remember we are not our mind, and our mind is not us, it is a part of our body.
Often the mind is given too much power and it believes it is in control.
Because it acts like a headquarters in that it receives all the data and information that our senses give it, it also interprets the energy vibrations that our body feels, we often give it more responsibility than it can handle.
The brains job is to keep us safe. The command centre of our physical body is the brain, and it’s job is to keep us alive. And it does this by keeping up small, having us live in fear, not wanting to move out of our comfort zone. The comfort zone is safe, deadly to change but safe.
It is our job to be the controller of the command centre, it is up to us to question the assumptions our brain is making, it is up to us to be responsible for what we want.

Every thing you and I want is on the other side of the comfort zone in the learning zone.
No one is good at a thing when they first begin to do some thing new. We all have to learn, getting it wrong and correcting is part of learning.
The thing is we have forgotten this, it may have been a while since we last tried some thing new, it may be we tried, and felt embarrassed or humiliated when we didn’t get it ‘right’ the first time, so we promised ourselves we’d never do that again.
The brain says, ‘You’ve got that right, and I’ll make sure of it, every-time you attempt something new I’ll remind you of that feeling of embarrassment and humiliation by flooding your body with those chemicals.” And so it is, that’s the feeling we will always associate with embarrassment, humiliation, and fear.

It is this sensation that is stopping you from stepping into your ideal world, and your brain has done its job, it sits back feeling pretty pleased with itself.
Until one day, you’ve had enough. You step up and you step through the embarrassment and find that you lived, so you do it again, and find it is getting easier, and before long your comfort zone has moved, your brain has adjusted to your new normal. Now it is trying to keep you in your new normal, but you know how to step through the doorway of discomfort into the next realm of comfort.
You achieve your goal, and in the process you gain mastery of your mind. You become the controller of the control centre.

Today’s inspirational droplet is Your brain’s job is to keep you alive, your job is to control your brain.

oxoxo Linda

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