Leading: Master the small stuff.

Leading: Master the small stuff.

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Having command over, or being in charge of implies responsibility.

Most people are not given the responsibility of being in command of other people or vessels, or businesses without some form of training, or proof of ability.

Learning to lead, is a skill and it can take time to master.
What I’ve found is we decide on what we want, (A great first step.)

And then we want it now, or yesterday would be better, without realizing we need to grow into the person who is ready for the want to materialize.

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If you want a romantic relationship that results in marriage and children, your want is going to take time.
You need to identify what your romantic partner is going to be like. (And then you become that person yourself.)
If you want some one who is kind and generous, but you find yourself being mean and stingy, the likelihood of you attracting and keeping some-one is low.
If you want a family, but frequent bars and single hang outs, the likelihood of you finding a quality match for a person wanting a family is also low.
However if you are interested in surfing, and you go surfing having fun enjoying your company, chatting with other surfers, the likelihood of you being noticed by a surfer is high.

It takes time to become the person who has the skills to command a room.
It takes practice, the person who knows how to command the energy in a room, put themselves in many such rooms, and learned a few valuable tools and “tricks” as they gained confidence in handling themselves, and implementing differing strategies that produced the effect they wanted, while discovering the ones that didn’t.

What area of your life are you willing to put in the leg work to get better at?
A speaker hones their craft by speaking, getting feedback and trying again.
A manager is in the prime space to learn how to positively influence people, trialling different strategies with the intent of finding the ones that work best with the people you work with, then honing those skills until they are second nature.
A carpenter doesn’t pick up his trade in one weekend, it is built up week on week, project on project, error and correction by error and correction.
A nurse has a curriculum to study, exams to pass, practical tasks to administer, a nurse learns on the job and through training, and mentoring. It takes time to know and experience, to work with people in all stages of pain, grief and sorrow. A great nurse will be some-one who is calm under pressure because they found a few vital truths about themselves and their vocation.

In a year from now, what skill do you want to have taken charge of?
What skills do you have today that you didn’t have this time last year?
What do you want to have command over in your life, your vocation, your relationships, your finances and in your personal understanding of who you are and how you work?

Begin today to do one small act of faith in the direction of what you want.
Set about learning what you need to know, you don’t know what you don’t know, until you do.
Put yourself in situations that will create the results you want.
Practice, make mistakes, learn, and practice some more. Every little step you choose is a step that can lead you to a totally new future.
A 1 degree shift maintained over time will take you in a new direction completely, this time next year you will look back and see the difference that consistently making a small shift will have on the way you command yourself and be in charge of yourself, and possibly others.
People notice the big shifts, they don’t notice the small daily shifts, and when you arrive at your destination, they tell you how lucky you are, you know the truth, it was the little daily actions done repeatedly, the mistakes, the adjustments, and the going agains when you wanted to give up. These are your lucky charms, they are you.

Today’s inspirational droplet is You don’t know what you don’t know, until you do know. Seek to know.

oxoxo Linda

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