Leading by example

Leading by example.

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Effective leaders lead from the front, They also lead from the centre of the pack, and they also walk with the stragglers at the back.

An effective leader leads by example, they have nothing to prove to anyone else, and they have a lot to share and give to their teams.

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Have you ever come across the leader who, has a do as I say and do it now attitude, expecting that you will do the work to make them look good?
If you have, and you are a people pleaser, you will have bent over backwards to do what they ask, with little reward and no praise, to have your hard work absorbed into the leaders portfolio, and the credit going to the leader, this leader may have even got a raise in pay, or perks. Not once did they pass the credit onto you.
How did you feel about this type of leader?
I would guess you felt used, undermined, and under valued.
This type of leader is all about themselves, and eventually they will be all on their own, as management above, become aware of the shortfall in skills and abilities.
The way to handle this is to ensure your work has your signature style to it. Each one of us is original, we think uniquely, we can not be reproduced, so when you do your part of a project add your flair to it, your signature style, subtlely if you must.
As time passes you will become known for your style, which is like your unique signature and this will get you noticed. Make sure your work is always the best quality you can manage.

Effective leaders will lead by example, they will let their team know what is expected of them, they perform in accordance to the rules and guidelines they expect everyone else to adhere to.
An effective leader demonstrates the standards that the company values. This includes the way they dress, the way they greet people, and the way they relate to everyone, regardless of their job title or description.

Leading by example creates trust and respect for everyone, it removes the us and them mentality. It creates a more unified team culture, because each person is treated with respect and kindness.
People who are part of a team being led by example feel understood, and valued. They tend to give more of themselves, and they get more back because of it.
An effective leader doesn’t have to prove themselves to anyone, they are confident in themselves, they know what skills they possess and they know what skills they need to hire.
An effective leader generates trust, because they trust, they give people the power to do their best and enjoy the fruits of their labours.

An effective leader leads by example, with integrity, with honesty, with honour, with respect and understanding.

Today’s inspirational droplet is Be the person you want the people around you to be.

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