Systems for Seasons

Are you organised for the Christmas season?
Do have the expectations of creating a ‘perfect’ Christmas?
Systems make life easier, do you have a system to help you manage your time, your tasks, and your emotions?

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Welcome to Authentic Living Coaching, The Podcast,
I’m your hostess, Linda Codlin

I am a certified life coach, and the founder of Authentic Living Coaching.
I am passionate about helping you to help yourself.
It is my intention that each and every one of us has the
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Living life on your terms, and being your authentic self.

Hello, My Friends
Welcome to Episode # 18

The first week in December is coming to a close, lets do a little emotional check in.
How are you feeling?
Are you feeling a little bit anxious, a little bit overwhemed, or a lot anxious or a lot overwhelmed.
Or maybe you are feeling like you’ve got this, like you are on top of the Christmas, your organizational systems are working for you.

As you may already know I’m a strong believer that our thoughts create the way we feel, which then create the way we act, which directly impacts the results we get.
Underneath all of this are your beliefs, there will be a few core beliefs that over-ride or undermind your best intentions.

In Monday’s Blog I mentioned our Self-Esteem and how that can impact our results.
Today I want to talk about systems.
Systems are the physical things we do. These also impact on our results.
You can have the most positive thinking, and intentions, but without actions they don’t have any legs, and won’t take you anywhere you want to go.
You will end up exactly where you are, but with a great attitude.

You are already operating in a system. Everything you do is a system of some type.
The question is, “Is the system you are using, working out for you?”
If you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed or anxious, I would guess that there are areas that could be improved.

As a tidy bug I work well with lists and systems.
House cleaning is broken into areas and days. Each day I have certain tasks to accomplish. Each of these tasks take no longer than 15 mins.
As I have become more diligent at following this system, my home is always tidy, mostly clean and I feel in control. Also I am not worn out looking at the unfinished tasks that may be attracting my attention because I know they are captured in my plan.
This plan has taken me a life time to perfect, for me.
I began using a cleaning plan when my children were babies. I knew a plan worked, what I didn’t have was the confidence to create my own plan. It was my belief that I wasn’t good enough or clever enough to create my own plan, and follow it. So I was always feeling dictated to by someone else, who didn’t have four preschool children messing up the place as soon as I’d tidied it.
I would try, I would begin, I would fail and beat myself up, telling myself all the mean lies, that I was useless as a mother, that I was a terrible housekeeper, that my kids would grow up not knowing how to be tidy.
And none of these things I said made me any better at what I wanted to achieve, they just reinforced that there was no point trying.

Have you ever felt like this? Trying to live you life some one else’s way and not quite getting it.
When I decided to create my own system, I began with the list of things I wanted to accomplish. Long, long lists of to do items.
So overwhelming, I’d never get started. Also what I uncovered was the thoughts underneath the lists was, it had to be perfect, it had to be hard, and it couldn’t be fun.
As I cleared up the belief around systems and lists, I began clearing up the thoughts about needing other people’s approval, having to keep a ‘perfect’ guest ready house at all times, and the idea of cleaning having to take ages, be hard and messy.
What belief are you holding onto around your systems, your self-esteem toward the holiday period, and the standard your home ‘has’ to be?
Are these actually your systems, your standards, and your ideals? Or have you borrowed some one else’s and are trying to make you fit them.
What if you made up your own systems? Easy to fulfill systems, Easy to keep up with systems that provide you with what you really want.
Do you even know what you want for yourself from this season of the year?
What would your ideal Christmas look and feel like? What would you stop doing? What would you do more of?
This is personal for you, it may look different to your neighbour, it may be different to your Mother, your daughter or your spouse.
Creating your own system for this time of the year, may include borrowing aspects of other people’s plans, twisting and tweeking them to fit your personality, your style and your family needs.
Then as you put the system in place by adding your energy to the required action, remember the way you talk to yourself about each task has an impact on the way you feel about the task.
You can make cleaning the oven fun, you can make wiping the ceiling part of your weekly plan and make it enjoyable.
You can change the way you think about any of the tasks you put in your system.

If you want a copy of my system, email me on remember this system has been created by me for me. It works for me because I have built it into my routine.
Your system must meet your requirements, and fit into your routine, otherwise it won’t work, and you’ll end up feeling even more frustrated.

The challenge for today is to look at the systems that are running in your home, ask Yourself, “Are these systems working for me?”
“How can I tweek them to suit me and my situation better? ” Then begin to follow through on your ideas.

Have a fabulous day my friends. Until next timeā€¦
If you want help to create a system that is personalized to your needs, contact me and together we can create a system that works with your situation and your needs.
Live your best life, one task, one individualized system at a time, Know yourself and live your life authentically.
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