Dynamic Living: Choices Change Lives

Dynamic Living: Choices change lives.

Hello, My Friends

Who are you?

Do you know who you are?
No comments, what is going on?
Do you all know exactly who you are?

Challenge for you: step into some thing that inspires you even scares you a little.

Dynamic people know who they are, they make choices and then follow through on them.

To make a choice, you have to know what choices you have available to you.

Often people don’t have any idea that they can make changes to anything they don’t like in their lives.
We have been fed a story that if we don’t do things a certain way the world will fall in on us.
The bold, step into what they want, they check out their options, look at the pros and cons, check out their gut instinct and pull on their confidence cloak and go for it.

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The roles you are doing, do not define who you are.
Often women get to their late 40’s early 50’s and find that all the roles they’ve been living into are no longer applicable for their second part of life.
They find they have lost the connection of who they are as women.
When men face this situation it is often in line with their career, they come to a place where they are no longer satisfied with the vocation they have worked at for years.
They also find they have lost the fire that motivated them to strive forward.

Dynamic people live into their lives.
When learning to live a dynamic life, the first step is to be aware of where you are.
Knowing how the roles you are currently living into drain your energy is important.
Nothing can get better until you acknowledge they are not what you want them to be.
This does not mean that your situation has to be bad, unhappy or abusive.
Often your situations have lost there appeal simply because they don’t challenge you anymore.

Dynamic people look for new and stretching circumstances that create growth and stimulate change.

Where are you on the boredom scale?
Boredom can strip you of your enthusiasm, it can drain your energy, it can cause ill health.
Are you at the beginning stages of boredom? You can’t decide what you want to do, so you do nothing.
Are you further along the scale? You have no energy to even think about learning something new.
You find sitting on the couch more relaxing than mingling with other people.
Are you at the far end of the scale? Nothing inspires you, nothing makes you smile anymore, everything is too hard.

You have the benefit of seeing where you are, which allows you to make a few simple changes that can cause a massive ripple effect on your energy.

Today’s Pearl of Wisdom is Boredom is optional, Change is universal.

oxoxo Linda

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