Dynamic Living: Energy Drainers

Dynamic Living: Energy Drainers

Hello, My Friends

The thing about dynamic people is they know who they are.
Like confident people they have taken time to get to know themselves.

They are under no illusion of their negative traits, also they don’t need to brag and exaggerate their positive traits either.

Being comfortable with who they are gives them the dynamic, grounded energy that attracts people to them.

Let’s begin at the beginning.

Who are you?

Who were you before you had kids? Who were you before you had debt? Who were you when you were at school?
Drop a note in the comments to let me know who you were before you became who you are.

What are the roles you are living in your life now?

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When I had a young family my roles included, chief disciplinarian, head chef, homemaker and home keeper, educator, groundswoman.
I had so many roles, I took on the responsibility of everyone in the house.
Did I enjoy these role, definitely not.
I felt like I was boxed in, that if I didn’t do these things no one else would. I felt the should’s of adulthood weighing heavily on my shoulders.

When I was asked who are you, I didn’t know, the life had been drained out of me by the roles I was playing.

To be dynamic you need to know what is draining your energy. Energy drainers keep you feeling tired and lack lustre.
So list below a few of the things that are draining your energy.
Working long hours
A messy home environment.
The neighbourhood you’re living in.
Having to care for children by yourself.
Things that happened in your past, that you can’t seem to shake off.
An overweight body.
Lack of physical health.
Not having enough money.
Spending too much time on unproductive things.
Nagging thoughts of not being good enough.
Certain people in your life.

In the comments below add what drains your energy.
A dynamic person knows what drains their energy.
Dynamic Living is living with power, with energy, with passion and with purpose.

Today’s Pearl of Wisdom is Infinite energy surrounds everything, is in everything, and is in you.

oxoxo Linda

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