Dynamic Living: Stimulates Progress and Change

Dynamic Living: Stimulates Progress and Change

Hello, My Friends

Welcome to the month of dynamic living.

During this month we are going to dig into dynamic living through the lens of mindset, connection, and essence.

What does being dynamic mean to you?
When I first thought about dynamic people I thought of those who were bouncing around, trying to be energetic, trying to exude energy.
In my eyes the dynamic being was overacting at being energetic, motivated and striving to prove a point.
They didn’t feel authentic to me.

So, as I began to investigate how to be a dynamic person, a person who lives a life of abundant energy authentically.
I had to do a major revamp of my thinking.

On a sheet of paper I wrote, “What does it mean to be dynamic?”

The dictionary says – about a process or system -constant change, activity or progress
About a person – positive in attitude, full of energy, and new ideas.
A force that stimulates change or progress.
Pertaining to energy, or effective action, to be vigorously active.
To be forceful, energetic and spirited.
Personality has boundless energy. To live to experience rather than to gather things.

Affirmations were vital to my upgrading my thinking about becoming a dynamic person.

Do you want a life that flows easier, that doesn’t feel like you are walking through thigh deep swamp water?

Do you want to connect easily with other people, in a way that feels refreshing and uplifting to both of you?

Do you want to become in harmony from the inside out and the outside in?

You, like me, have two lives, our mental, emotional, energetic life. This is our inner life, it is mostly unseen, and our outside life which includes all the things that surround you, where you live, what you drive, the things you have in your space, these are the results of your inner life, and they support your world view.

True dynamics are inspiring, life giving, challenging and active.

So this month we’re going to dive into dynamic living.

This month’s daily snippet is Pearls of Wisdom.

Today’s Pearl of Wisdom is “You only get one chance at this life, Live it FULLY.

oxoxo Linda

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