Dynamic Living: Energy is always moving.

Dynamic Living: Energy is always moving.

Hello, My Friends

Energy is moving all the time.
Even the stationary things are moving, even when they look like they’re not.

Moving our bodies is one way to get our energy flowing.
I have had people say to me, to save my energy. Energy loves to move, it loves to become something new.
Saving energy is a false economy.

The reason I don’t want to move my body always comes down to what I’m thinking about.
One of the things I proved for myself was that energy is always available for what you want to do.

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Let’s say you’ve worked a long day, you get home and settle into the couch ready for a movie night.
Your best friends messages you that she’s coming over in ten, to pick you up to go to see a comedian you’ve been wanting to see forever.
What do you do? Do you tell your friend you’re too tired? Or do you get changed and be ready, waiting in anticipation?
Most people will get ready to go out, with a new surge of energy and enthusiasm.
The thoughts you think determine everything you do, and don’t do.

Moving your body in a way that brings you pleasure, gets your energy pumping and gets your mind functioning.
When we have a lot of things nagging at us from our written or non written to do lists, we feel tired, unmotivated, unable to find the energy to get to these tasks.
It’s not what you do that makes you tired, it’s what you don’t do that makes you tired.

It’s the nagging thoughts of what you should be doing, ought to do, and must do that sap your energy.
I have found using a timer the most useful piece of equipment for getting me out of a procrastination funk.
I’ll decide on the thing that is irritating me the most, set the timer for 15 minutes and begin.
Once I get my body moving, my thoughts come along too, and before long I’m enjoying either the task or the completion of the task.

I had a mentor who used to tell me, you can do anything for 15 mins. Notice I didn’t say do anything in 15 mins, but for 15 mins.
You can move your energy for 15 mins. You can do dishes for 15 mins, you can hang laundry for 15 mins, you can write an article for 15 mins, you can mow lawns for 15 mins.
I’m sure you get the idea.
When your brain has gone AWOL, and is telling you, that you don’t have the energy, set a timer and prove to yourself that you can do anything for 15 mins. And when the timer goes off you can choose to carry on or you can choose to stop, or move onto something else.
Dynamic people know the value of movement to get their energy moving when they are feeling a bit sluggish.

Be active, your body will eventually thank you. Be active, your mind will thank you. Be active, your house will thank you.
Be active, your career will thank you. Be active, it will make a huge difference to how you think, which will impact how you treat yourself, which creates a dynamic life.

Energy loves to move, Energy is always moving, get in line with your energy and move with it, feel how your energy feels in your body and go with it.

Today’s Pearl of Wisdom is Be the energy you want to attract.

oxoxo Linda

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