Dynamic Living: Get involved in your life.

Dynamic Living: Get involved in your life.

Hello, My Friends

Have you ever written a bucket list?
A bucket list is a bit morbid, it’s a list of all the things you want to do before you kick the bucket, pass on, croak whatever your term of endearment is for leaving this plane of existence.

Standing where you are in your life today, if you looked back, what would you wish you had done, that you didn’t.
These are the things that need to go on your bucket list, first.

Any thing you have a wee twinge of regret about not doing, set about beginning the process of releasing the twinge of regret.

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There are two ways to do this, one is to forgive yourself and let it go, knowing you will never do it now. As part of this process let go of the what might have been’s as well.
Your life is where it is because of the choices that you made in the past. Make peace with this fact, and know you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Otherwise you’d be somewhere else.
The best part about acknowledging where you are, is you get to decide where you want to be tomorrow.
And the second thing you can do if you have a wee twinge of regret is to make that thing you wish you’d done come to life now.
If you’ve always wanted to fly an aeroplane, begin the research required to find out if there are lessons in your area.
If you’ve always wanted to own a mustang car, get your dreamy juices flowing by going to the car yard, sitting in a mustang, feel it, smell it, be part of it.
If you’ve always wanted to travel and haven’t, get your passport, choose your destination, then use your imagination to see yourself there. Begin to put money aside regularly.

Every time you go past a particular shop or restaurant and whisper to yourself, one day I’ll go in there, make today that day.
Be light-hearted and have fun with your I want to do list.
Put the silly things on it. Leading up to my birthday, I decided to go on the flying fox. So much fun even when it tipped me off.

Having a forward vision is what keeps us young and vital, it keeps us focused on the future and the good that is ahead, rather than the past and what is no longer.
A bucket list doesn’t need to have big expensive things on it, it can have the simple things like learning to cook rice so it doesn’t clug.
Or learning to hit the golf ball smoothly when putting.
Or playing the guitar at your Mother’s birthday. (when you haven’t played a chord in years.)
A bucket list is an extremely personal list that you write, it is about getting all those ideas that have been rattling around inside you, those ideas that pop up now and then and jab you in the ribs, that give you that twinge of regret or give you the hurry up.
Dynamic people include things from their bucket list in their everyday life, they know the secret to living a fulfilled life is to be involved in living life now.
No-one knows whether they’ll have tomorrow, be involved in your life today.

As a life coach part of what I do is to help guide you to look at what is stopping you from doing the things you really want to do.
To inspire you to live your best life every single day.
I challenge you to write your bucket list, and ask yourself, “What is stopping me.” Then listen to all the reasons your brain has why you can’t do the things you really want.
These reasons are all mental chatter and can be worked through to see what is legitimate and what is an emotion preventing you from the fulfillment and satisfaction of a well lived life.

Today’s Pearl of Wisdom is Don’t limit the future by the past.

oxoxo Linda

As a life coach it is my intention to help you to live your best life, every day.
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