Dynamic Living: Optimism, seeing the benefit in little steps.

Dynamic Living: Optimism seeing the benefit in little steps.

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Optimism is “looking on the bright side of life.”

You have a choice at how you view everything. This is called perspective.
Each one of us has our own perspective on our life.

Often we like to believe that there is nothing we can do, this is the way it is, it is the way it has always been, and it is how it will always be.

I’d like to put a dent in that armour.

It is only the way it is because we have bought into the facts that someone else has presented, and in the buying into it we have created evidence with our thoughts, our actions and our emotions, which we believe reinforce the situation.

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By moving slightly to the left or to the right, we will get to see a little more than we did before.
Perspective is a funny thing, three different people can look at the same object. Each standing opposite the object being viewed and each will give a differing account of what they see.
Same object, different position. Different point of view. These three could then argue that their view is the right and only view of the object.
Would this make them ‘wrong’? Not in their opinion.
It is only when we move to see something from the standpoint of another that we can see the object in a new light.
Maybe even realizing you are both looking at the same thing. Which now enhances both of your experience and understanding.
So, optimism is one way of looking at life. Seeking out the things we want to see that will benefit ourselves and others in the long term.
Optimistic people tend to live more dynamic lives, because what you focus on grows, and attracts more of the same.
Everything is energy, and energy is always ebbing and flowing, moving. Therefore it is attracted to like energy.
Optimistic people believe that they have the ability to impact their lives and the lives of those around them.
They have a belief that they have everything they need to take the next step in front of them, if they are brave enough to trust their gut instinct and the information they have gathered.
The next step may not be a quantum leap, it might be a tiny shuffle, something as simple as getting up ten minutes earlier to make time to journal their intention for the day.
Two things will have happened they started the day intentionally, and in the process of journaling their thoughts and intentions they have gained clarity of what they want to see happen.
They have created momentum, if they decide to do the next action step that is opening up before them, they will create more momentum.
And if the next step didn’t pan out, they have learned something new.
Then the next day when they journal again they have a little more information that helps them with gaining greater clarity.
Optimism can help you stay focused on the task at hand, believing in the next step and the next step until you are a long way down the path on your journey.
Most of us don’t count the little daily actions as anything that count. We tend to have the point of view that it is only the big actions that make a difference.
A Concert Pianist, didn’t get on stage with one big action, he had many tiny, insignificant actions of hitting the piano keys, getting the strokes wrong, correcting, getting the timing and tempo wrong, correcting, beginning on the keyboard, or the old piano at grandma’s house.
We see the final product, we don’t see the hours of practice, the hours of missteps, to get it right.
We don’t see the frustration of the tutor or the pianist, we see the results of hours and hours of “hard” work.

It is the same with you, living a dynamic life is created one little action at a time. It is choosing to have beautiful flowers on the table, it is choosing to watch or read about inspiring people, it is choosing to eat a little better every day, there are so many little actions that most of us don’t even recognise as important.
Optimism is seeing the incremental changes for the better, it’s looking at the missteps as learning and stepping stones.

Today’s Pearl of Wisdom is The road to dynamic living is paved with thousands of little tiny steps. Do the next step you know to do.

oxoxo Linda

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