Confidence: Breathe C-A-L-M

Confidence: Breathe CALM

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Disappointment reaches into our lives when we least expect it. It can turn our world into a tail spin.
Often when disappointment shows up it brings it’s friends, chaos and anxiety.

Disappointment thrives on hurt, it loves to injure our feelings and take our power away.

Confidence smashes disappointment because we know who we are, and that we can handle set backs and uncomfortable emotions.

Lets have a look at the second tool in our bag of disappointment resolution weapons.

This is one we do everyday, we don’t even think about it.
Without this we would not be here.

We breathe on the unconscious level everyday we are alive.

What we don’t do is breathe on purpose, with the intent of feeding the millions of little cells in our body, the oxygen they need.
It has been proven that by breathing deeply and with intention that we alter the state of our brain activity.
Disappointment is an emotional response to an outward stimuli.
We can control the emotion, by the way we think, which is where our breathing comes into play, it calms our body, and soothes our agitation.

The acronym I want to introduce today is CALM

C= Choose
A= A
L= Loving
M= Mindset

Choose A Loving Mindset

In the middle of an emotional meltdown, choosing to be calm takes practice.
When disappointment shows up do you run down the rabbit warren with thoughts of “this ALWAYS happens to me” “I knew it, I knew I couldn’t trust him/her.” “Why, is it so hard to get people to do….?” “It’s my fault I should have done…?” “It’s a man thing, or it’s a woman thing.” “How come I always end up doing everything.”

These thoughts are not helping you.
Your brain loves to find answers, when you ask these types of questions, and make these kind of statements your brain goes into overdrive to find the solution. Which won’t be helpful since the question or statement is coming from a place of fear, or frustration.

By choosing to step back from the situation, take a few deep controlled breaths, to settle your body’s flight or fright responses, you give yourself a five second space to think.
Ask yourself the question, “What will produce the result I am wanting?”
Give your brain a few seconds to come up with a response.
Continue breathing on purpose.
Then make a choice on how you want to proceed.
You may want to confront the behaviour of the person you were trusting to get a job done on time and in a professional manner.
You may want to investigate why it appears that certain situations always happen to you. What is your role in this event? What are you thinking before the event? What do you really want to see happen, and what thought supports that action.”
You may want to stand up for yourself and let others know that you will not tolerate their bad manners, or inconsideration of you.
You may want to walk away, to a place where you feel safer for now.

Confidence in who you are, gives you the ability to choose your response from the stand point of my opinion is important, what I want is of value, how I let you treat me is my responsibility.

So when disappointment comes knocking at your door, take a measured breath, be intentional in how you respond.
Figure out what you want, and how you want it to look.
Then put your confidence cloak on and with love for yourself and the other person let them know what your expectations are.

You get to choose to be calm in the face of disappointments.

Practice giving yourself a few moments to breathe intentionally and ask yourself some great questions, then listen for the great answers and act on your behalf from a place of love.

Today’s Seed of Greatness is Be kind, especially to yourself. Be CALM

oxox Linda

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