Exercising Resistance

The path of least resistance is following what feels better.

Create environments that promote, cultivate and inspire good vibes.

Pick people to hang out with who make you feel good.


Nurture your positive feelings, keep your cup full of pleasant energy.

Hello, My Friends

Here in Whanganui, New Zealand, we have had some wild weather. Heavy rain, squalls of hail helped along on cold blasting wind gusts.

The other day Hubby and I were soaking in the hot tub, ah-h such bliss, and such a squall scooted overhead. We were deafened by the din on the tin roof, submerging a little deeper in the hot water we revelled in the delight of being warm and ‘dry’.

Over the last 26 odd days I’ve set myself a challenge. I love the idea of challenging myself to become better at being me. That is until I uncover some hidden or not so hidden glass belief and the change action becomes less fun, and more personal.

The great thing is I have the power to make what is comfortable, uncomfortable and what is unfamiliar, familiar. Just as each one of can.

I have uncovered a dilemma I haven’t had to face quite so blatantly as in the last 26 days or so.

It’s to do with exercising. Now, I’m a very committed type person, when I decide to do something I do it, come what may, I struggle and strive and make it happen. The thing is, I’m in the process of letting go the struggle and striving and becoming more in tune with my inner harmony, who tends to want to have a better feeling energy to work by.

The push and pull that this has caused in my exercise routine has been very evident in the last few weeks.

Let’s turn the clock back a few years, I would park my car, 3km from work, jog to work, work a twelve hour day and jog back to the car. My thinking at the time was if I added my exercise to my routine it would get done, and it’s amazing how much energy can be found when it has to be. Jogging was one of the ways I ran away from facing my emotions. So, I ran everyday, running also helped me maintain my body weight. What happens when I stop running or jogging? I gained weight, and became very discontented with myself, and the emotions I was eating began to show up, the emotions I wasn’t dealing with began to niggle at me louder. Which is what happened when I injured my body and changed vocations.

I have done a lot of work with my emotions and I’m pleased to say they are more in alignment with who I am.

Back to exercising, I no longer need to jog to run away from my emotions, but over the last couple of years I have collected a new fear, these fears are sneaky. It has only been since I started to challenge myself that this has surfaced.

I journal everyday my thoughts, ideas and emotions. The other day I asked myself an innocent enough question, What am I resisting to exercising daily? Then I proceeded to list all the reasons I don’t want to exercise. Silly things like not wanting to get changed multiple times a day, facing the cold of getting in and out of the shower, feeling the pain of moving new or stiff parts of my body, and then wham, the truth. “I’m afraid I will begin to punish my body.”

What was really happening, was I was punishing myself anyway, I was beating myself up about not exercising, and yes I’ve gotten better at hiding the beat ups, but they are still there, creating resistance. My inner guide was soothing my feelings reminding me that exercise was for my good, better sore muscles than a broken and disrespected spirit. It was my choice how I chose to show up for the exercise I had planned. Exercise for pleasure, exercise for mobility, exercise for flexibility, exercise for the sheer joy of moving. These are all thoughts and feelings I have complete control over.

The next set of fears was around body shape and size, relying on exercise to maintain my weight. Looking at the fear around eating and exercising, and how these are totally enmeshed together, or so I was telling myself. Another truthism, our bodies require fuel, and nutrients to be healthy, fit and strong, food gives us fuel and nutrients, our bodies need to move, they are made to move, movement creates and maintains flexibility, stamina, and strength. For our muscles to be able to be flexible, strong and enduring, they need energy and nutrition. This is the link between food and exercise.

Everything else is MIND DRAMA. Stories I have believed to be true and these can be changed as with any glass belief. Removing the resistance from these thoughts have created greater peace in the way I feel. Food is energy, and energy is a vibration, seeking and matching the food that vibrates in tune with my body is key to recalibrating my body to work at its optimum capacity.

One of my biggest challenges with exercising has been the feeling of embarrassment around body image, being rejected, being laughed at, looking silly and not fitting in.

Who has not faced any of these emotions? When you feel them how do you respond to them? For me, I would avoid, I’d make sure I knew how to do something really well before I’d do it publicly.

What I discovered with this journaling exercise is how much this fear of being embarrassed has affected my exercising programmes. A huge ah-ha moment. Now my work is to work out the energy I want to exercise in, how I want to feel when I’m exercising in a group, at the gym, or on my own.

What do I WANT to FEEL about exercising?

Ease, Refreshing, Enjoyment, Freedom of Movement, Flexible, Supple, Alive, Healthy, Satisfied,

Enthused, Sexy, Harmony, Oneness, Wholeness, vibrant.

And over all I want my Energy to be Loving myself, offering grace to myself, and living in peace with myself.

These are the thoughts I need to think to adjust my beliefs around exercise.

What about you? What are you resisting?

It is my intention that by revealing to you how I take a look into my brain to see the resistance I have residing there, and what I do to challenge my thoughts, to create better feelings and to live a more fulfilling and satisfying life, that you may take something away for yourself, to make your life a little more enjoyable.

If you want to learn more on how to break through glass beliefs that are keeping you from living your full potential connect with me.

Until next time: Ask yourself the question, “What am I resisting?” then put the answer on paper.

oxoxox Linda

As a certified Life Coach, I help you to help yourself, so you can create a well lived life your way. 

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My details are…


email: authenticlivingwithlinda@gmail.com

Website: https://www.authenticlivingwithlinda.com

Facebook: https://facebook.com/lindacodlin25

Instagram: @lindacodlin

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