Confidence: Know the FACTS

Confidence: Know the FACTS

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Today we are talking about Know the F-A-C-T-S

Life is all about giving us what we want. (Even the stuff we think we don’t want, is the flip side of what we do want, and shows us that we don’t want it)
Getting things we think we don’t want instead of what we say we do want leaves us feeling disappointed. This disappointment leaves an emotional trail.
Confidence is knowing how to deal with these emotions as they arise.

Let’s have a look at how we can work out the facts of a situation, without the blurred lines of emotion.

The acronym for FACTS is

F= Find
A= Actual
C= Circumstance’s
T= Truth

A FACT is an event that happened. It is undeniable that it happened.
A FACT is an event is provable and is recordable.
A FACT has a date, a time, an action or series of actions, and people or places or things that were involved in the event, situation or circumstance.

It is not hearsay.
It is not he said, she said.
It is reality, without all the emotional drama.

Let’s say you have a car incidence and someone rear ends your car.
The facts are one car hit the tail end of another car.
The facts are the front car now has a dent in the rear fender.
The facts are the back car now has a pushed in front guard.
Maybe you were at the traffic lights, and the lights had just turned amber and you stopped suddenly.
The facts are the lights turned amber.
The facts are you stopped.

Everything else is emotion.
Whether the car behind you was watching or not is not a fact, it is speculation.
Whether you stopped suddenly or not is speculation.

Because of the incident you are going to be without a car and paying for repairs could be fact if you chose to repair the car.
However the emotion you feel about the cost and time are not fact.
You are now late for your job interview is fact.
The emotion you feel about being late for your job interview is not fact.
Your getting or not getting the job because of the accident is not fact, it is emotional speculation.

Do you get the idea.
A FACT is an event that will stand up in a court of law, without emotion.

A FACT is the actual truth of a circumstance told serenely, in a linear, factual way. (this happened, then this happened, then that happened.)

To resolve disappointment we need to find the FACTS.

Emotion is not helpful at this stage of finding the facts.
We get to look at the emotion as a separate event.

Go looking for the FACTS of your situation

Today’s Seed of Greatness is Don’t buy into the illusion that life will be better one day: Make today beautiful.

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