Harmony: Is like steam.

Harmony Is like steam.

Hello, My Friends

This month we are talking about the topic of harmony.
When do you know you are in harmony?
What does harmony feel like to you?

Harmony is being at peace, it is being friendly, co-operative and pleasant from your inside out. It is the positive inner state of feeling good, happy, calm and balanced.

We are living in a world that is very chaotic, with conflict and disharmony everywhere we look.
How do we learn to thrive, when every thing seems to be out of balance?

We are vibrational energy receptors, the disharmony around us messes with our radar senses.
Instead of focusing on the things we can make a difference to, we tend to look at our neighbours and watch what they are doing.
Placing expectations on them, if only he did such and such, everything would be better.

Harmony is about finding your inner centre.

Your inner peace, and coming back to it many times a day when it seems like everything is caving in.

This month we are discussing living without resistance, and learning how to use those things we tend to resist to guide us to our inner harmony.

It all begins with the way we think.
Harmony is a bit like taking a shower, we need to do it everyday to wash the dirt and grime of the day off us.
As we learn to nurture the feeling of harmony within us, it will expand.

Firstly we will need to know what harmony is not.
Harmony is an emotion, a sensation we feel in our body, that we sense with our spirit.
It isn’t a thing we can grab and hold onto. It is a bit like steam, you can feel it, and see it, sense it but you can’t hold it, and if you do contain it, it turns into something else.

Today’s question is… Do you want to live in harmony?

Until tomorrow, Ask yourself what would a life of harmony look like to you?

oxoxo Linda

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