Are You Playing in the All or Nothing Playground?

“We must stand firm between two kinds of madness: the belief that we can do anything; and the belief that we can do nothing.”― Alain Hello, My Friends What is one of your all time favourite things to do? Leave a message letting me know what your favourite activity is. This week has seen it’s shareContinue reading “Are You Playing in the All or Nothing Playground?”

Harmony: Is like steam.

Harmony Is like steam. Hello, My Friends This month we are talking about the topic of harmony.When do you know you are in harmony?What does harmony feel like to you? Harmony is being at peace, it is being friendly, co-operative and pleasant from your inside out. It is the positive inner state of feeling good,Continue reading “Harmony: Is like steam.”

Wheels of Balance

Balancing the many facets of life is thrilling and scary. Being part of the process brings Satisfaction and Purpose Balance in your life is in your hands, you have the power to create. Hello, My Friends Life has a way of bringing up, things that I’ve hidden in the back ground. This week hubby wasContinue reading “Wheels of Balance”