Wheels of Balance

Balancing the many facets of life is thrilling and scary.

Being part of the process brings Satisfaction and Purpose

Balance in your life is in your hands, you have the power to create.

Hello, My Friends

Life has a way of bringing up, things that I’ve hidden in the back ground.

This week hubby was injured, not seriously. Just enough to remind us of his human-ness.

Bringing to mind that no-one truly knows their expiry date, or the manner in which this expiry may show itself.

This got me to thinking about how I’m investing my time. Am I living my life? Am I working my life? or Am I treading water, not really doing anything of value or reward?

What type of reward do I want? Money? Close friendships? Beautiful things? Time?

Am I doing something that brings me satisfaction and joy?

My answers to these questions got me searching for my truth.

We are winding down another year, and what a year of chaos, turmoil and pain it has been for some of us.

If you were to answer the above questions what would your truth look like? Would it sit comfortably with who you are? Or would you want to improve on some areas?

Human nature is such that we are never quite satisfied or happy unless we are in the pursuit of a worthwhile goal or dream.

December is the perfect time to look back and see how far you’ve grown over the last year, to decide if you have increased your net worth as you’d planned at the beginning of the year, ask yourself if you have created harmony within your environment and yourself? Did you connect with friends old and new, and did those friendships inspire you to move out of your comfort zone? Was your main income earning stream fruitful, satisfying and challenging? Have you shown compassion to family members facing hugely difficult choices? Were you confident in your ability to manage all the balls it takes to live the life of your choice?

December is the perfect time to take a look, an unbiased, truthful look at what your reality looks like today. Remove the rose tinted glasses, put aside the optimism you hide behind, and go through the wheel of life Chart.

Where do you sit on each of these categories? Remember honesty no matter how painful, is always the best policy. You can’t change what you don’t know about.

For each of these categories mark on the scale a 1-10 point (Ten is healthy and one is unhealthy)

The ten categories are …

1. Finances: Are you in the financial position you want to be in? How much of your average week is involved in earning your income?

2. Intimate Relationship: Are you happy in your relationship? Do you feel reasonably content with your partner? Do you feel your relationship is based on mutual respect? Do you want an intimate relationship?

3. Physical Health & Body: Are you happy with your weight? Are you able to move freely without pain? What one thing would you change about your body or health if you could?

4. Spiritual Health: Do you take time to grow your inner spirit? Do you listen and act on your inner intuition? Do you have a connection with the energy around you?

5. Emotional Health: Are you able to identify the emotion you feel at any particular time? Do you feel connected to your emotions and feelings? Are you internally happy with being yourself?

6. Career & Mission: Do you know what your purpose and mission in life are? What makes you feel satisfied and fulfilled? Do you love your career?

7. Contribution: Do you serve your community? What makes you feel valued and heard? What gifts and talents do you have that could benefit others?

8. Fun & Excitement: What activities excite you? Do you include fun things into your daily routine? What do you do for pleasure?

9. Family & Friends: Do you have healthy friendships that encourage you to be your best self? Do you invest time into your family? What do family & friend gatherings feel like to you? Do they inspire you, or make you want to avoid them?

10. Consistent Growth: Do you use daily affirmations to retrain your mind to being who you want to be? Do you read or listen to materials that develop your mind and stretch your beliefs? When do you sit and reflect on how your life is going?

When you have completed the wheel of balance, you will be able to see any imbalances in your life. These would be a great place to begin to make adjustments. Choose one area that gives you the most pain to work on. By choosing one area you will enable yourself to succeed by using focus to your advantage.

Now is the perfect time to put your imagination glasses on. Head off into your future and see your life this time next year, as if it is achieved. All the areas of the balance wheel are balanced, your life is feeling happier, you are feeling healthier, loving the body you are in. You are in a loving supportive relationship, your friends encourage you to create your dreams, you are loving yourself and accepting your intuitiveness, feeling your emotions and thriving.

Grab a pen and write down the emotions and feelings you are creating with your imagination. These are the keys to having what you want.

Rehearse these emotions and feelings until they are your normal habit. Become the person in your imagination. Dress like you did in your imagination. Eat like the healthy person in your imagination. Do the actions that your intuition guides you to do. Daily tiny actions make a huge difference over 365 days. When you slip up, nod at yourself and pick yourself up and carry on. Being kind and knowing life is full of ups and downs enables you to continue on your way without any harm to your self esteem.

Use a daily affirmation to remind you who you truly are, and step into it.

I am healthy, wealthy and happy. I am confident, I create my life one positive thought and feeling at a time.

Let’s create the best year ever in 2022.

Our future is in our hands, our imaginations and our ability to create new productive habits.

To being our authentic selves, discovering our passions, purpose and missions, then having the courage to step into them, owning them and loving our lives.

If you want help to attain balance with your wheel of life give me a call, I can coach you through the blind spots that keep us from seeing clearly.

My contact details are below.

Cheers Linda.


Email me at authenticlivingwithlinda@gmail.com

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