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Hello, My Friends

This week has been action packed, working on projects in my business, facing a few of my beliefs.

It’s amazing how a belief shows itself in the most unexpected places.

This week I’ve had grandchildren staying, and I have been using the S.E.T. system to investigate more fully the attitudes I have around emotional eating, food, and abundance.

This month in Facebook I’m doing an abundance overview. This has highlighted areas that are not serving me.

If you have been following me, you’ll know I believe we have the ability to change any belief that is not serving us.

So, this week I want to share a few ways you can overcome emotional eating by being a detective, getting your magnifying glass out, your pen and paper handy. Thoughts are best put on paper, this way they can be looked at objectively. Decided upon without emotion tainting your perspective.

Let’s begin.

The first belief is food should be eaten.

Anytime we add a should to a statement we are attacking our self esteem or the self esteem of someone else. Should is a form of judgment and is never helpful.

Food should be eaten because it is served to you.

How do you feel if the food you have prepared, paid for, and set on the table isn’t eaten?

Do you feel slighted, or put out? Why?

For me I took the non-eating of food as a personal attack. If the food placed on your plate wasn’t eaten I made it mean that I wasn’t good enough as a cook. I was a failure as a mother, I’d spent all this time organizing, planning, purchasing and cooking this food and you turn your nose up at it, you might as well have slapped my face.

Now, all of these thoughts are going on inside me, thoughts are energy and create.

What did these thoughts create? Fear, my children didn’t dare leave food on their plates. Now, I’d passed my belief onto them, and they have to deal with the emotional drama I’d created around food consumption.

What I know now is that food is food. Eaten or uneaten it is still food. This food has nothing to do with my self esteem or self belief.

When we entangle food, which we need for nutrition and health, with abundance or scarcity we place a high value on it, this value is what causes our emotional distress.

Food is food. Eaten or not, food is still food. Eating or not eating is a free will choice. Each person makes that choice with the benefits or drawbacks attached to that choice.

The second belief. There is not enough money to buy food, not enough food for meals this week, not enough ‘nice’ foods (treats).

This belief is heavily tied into scarcity. By believing there isn’t enough, I was perpetuating insufficiency in my life. I tied my emotions and self worth to how I provided for my family. I was in the mode of quantity, more was better. Purchasing food in bulk so I’d never be without. These thoughts were fear based. I told myself a story about being frugal, saving, being diligent. Which are all good things if they are not being driven by scarcity, fear and lack.

What I have discovered is that when I’m not eating to appease or avoid my emotions, I eat so much less. My food bill is heavily reduced. I can purchase better quality food, which have a greater nutrient value giving me greater health benefits.

Everything we need, is available to us, seeing abundance everywhere draws it to us, this includes the food that is placed on our tables. By feeling our emotions, we get to eat for health and nutrition.

The third belief. You are being ungrateful if you don’t receive, or like the food offered, or that you asked for.

This one was sneaky, and one of my grand daughters revealed this to me. She asked for an item of food, took one taste and put it down. Exclaiming she didn’t like it.

This kicked into the past scarcity mentality, my first thought was you asked for it, you eat it. Like it or not.

What I realised was whether she liked the food or not had nothing to do with me. My emotional status was not wrapped up in her food choices. Why would I give my power away for the want of a piece of food?

Eating is a choice. Gratitude is a feeling. You can be grateful for food AND not eat it or enjoy it.

This lead into belief number 4. Wastage is bad.

Now! There is a judgment statement. The unspoken judgment is, that should I waste food I am bad. No-one wants to be bad.

How often do you keep or receive food that you don’t enjoy because you feel obliged to take them, and use them?

Or you may have cooked a meal and have leftovers. Do you put them in a container into the fridge for later, knowing you didn’t enjoy the food and the left overs most likely won’t get eaten? Do you freeze leftovers for later and then never use them?

The intention here is to uncover the lies we tell ourselves around food. I know I was some-one who would eat leftovers because I felt obliged to. Throwing away perfectly edible food, just wasn’t done.

What if I was hungry later and needed that food?

What I found was when I stopped eating my emotions, the need to eat leftovers, or any food not included at my meals became not existence.

I had to look deeply into the motivation behind my reasons for keeping the food, getting honest with myself about whether I liked the food, and whether I would use it in another meal. Why put it in the fridge to spoil, then to throw it out? Just throw it away and not feel guilt. Guilt is an emotion, emotions are created by my thoughts. My choice completely. To be honest it took a while to change my behaviour, now I am honest with why I keep, receive or store food.

I ask myself, am I coming from lack and scarcity or am I coming from abundance? There is a huge difference in the energy signature. The result may look the same, however the sensations and emotions are on opposite ends of the scale.

Where do you sit with these four beliefs? Are they a regular part of your eating or food experience?

There is hope for change, if I can alter my beliefs around food and eating, you can too.

The key is in the S.E.T. system.

Sensations, Emotions, Thoughts.

If this is an area you are wanting to heal, contact me and we can work together to bring about emotional freedom from overeating.

Until next time, be aware of where you feel your emotions around food in your body, and how you’ve attached your self image, and self belief to food.

oxox Linda


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