A little light displaces the dark, a little thought creates life.

Light a candle in the darkest moments of life

Think your thoughts on purpose

Shine a light on your ideal future.

Hello, My Friends

This week has flown by, it seems that every day has been wet. I love rainy days they make me so appreciate having a warm and comfortable home to live in. It is important to me that my space is tidy and neat, and rainy days are great days to organise.

Recently the power went out and we were thrown into the quiet of no technology, for about 30 mins, till we got our battery pack set up to run the portable DVD player. Entertainment for the afternoon restored. As the time went on and the sun began to go down, we lit candles for lighting.

It’s amazing to me how little light a candle throws out.

The thing about light is that it displaces the dark. It doesn’t take a lot of light to displace the dark.

The night the power went out, we used a variety of lighting sources, there was the candelabra with three candles, five single candles, we used a single bulb torch, and an LED torch. The LED torch was the smallest of the lighting gadgets and it gave out the strongest light.

Size doesn’t determine how much light we gain.

This got me thinking about what makes the biggest changes.

Sometimes it’s a life event that throws us out of our normal lives, an event that takes decision making out of our hands. A bit like the power going out. We had no control over the outage, we only had control over how we handled it, and the way we wanted to make the most of it.

More often the changes that stick and change everything are the small incremental adjustments we make in our habits. Like the candlelight that brightens the darkest corner, a shift in our habits alters the result we get.

Thinking a thought is all it takes to make a difference. The thought is the seed of light that chases the darkness away. With a tiny well thought out thought, everything can change.

One of the little things I like to think about is My thoughts create everything.

If this statement is true, and it is. What would be the best thoughts to think?

Everything is created twice, once from our thoughts, and twice by bringing that thought into fruition.

If my thoughts create everything, what would I want to create?

Like the LED light, the small torch focused in one place gives more than enough light to see to complete the task at hand. One focused thought gives enough energy for that thought to become reality.

We think thousands of thoughts in a day, how many are actually thought on purpose?

What would happen if you chose to think on purpose? That’s what an I AM affirmation is, it is thinking on purpose. Every time you state I Am you are programming your mind. And your mind loves to be programmed, you give it a directive and your mind goes into overdrive to find evidence to prove it is true.

What would an ideal day look and feel like to you? Really think about what an average ideal day would be for you, where would you be living and how does living there make you feel? What activities would you be doing and what do you feel while you are doing these activities? What will you be wearing? How will you walk, stand, talk and carry yourself? Who are you with? How do you earn your living and what do you love about your job or business? Where would you eat lunch and dinner? What types of food would you be eating?

Write out your ideal day, or record it. Be as detailed as you can, the most important part of your ideal day is to generate the emotions you will be feeling. Note down how you feel, the sensations that your body feels, what thoughts you’re thinking. Forward project yourself into this ideal day. See yourself walking through your home, hear the waiter asking what you’d like to drink and asking for your meal order. Smell the perfume of your date, or feel the spray of your perfume as you apply it. Feel the texture of the fabric of the shirt or dress you are wearing. Admire how you look and enjoy the pleasure of the day. Tap your emotions into your ideal day. Make it as real as if you are there right now.

This is using your imagination.

What if you actually did this exercise, and you actually made a commitment to yourself to read it or listen to it every morning and every night, feeling the emotions, smelling, tasting, touching and hearing everything you would, when you are in your ideal day. Do you think you would feel differently about your usual day to day activities?

Your intuition will begin to work for you, you will begin to get a sense of what you need to do to make your ideal day your reality, if you choose to follow your intuition and act on the promptings, your life will change in little increments that lead to massive changes.

These thoughts will be like the LED light, they will illuminate the your mind and change your life.

Give this a try, you may actually end up living your ideal life, moving toward what you want.

Think your thoughts on purpose, make a decision to think from your future self, who is in living in your ideal day.

Begin to dress like that future you, walk like you did in your visualization, be confident like your ideal self is confident. Become the person you see yourself being in your future.

If you want more help in creating your ideal day, connect with me and we can make your ideal your reality.

Until next time become the person your ideal self sees in your future.

oxox Linda


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