What are you waiting for?

Stop waiting for permission,

Stop waiting for love,

Stop waiting for time,

Stop waiting for perfection,

Stop waiting for change and be the change.

Hello, My Friends

This week has flown by, I’m sure my clock is on fast forward. Each day zips on by, I go to bed each night satisfied with the day. I have been doing a little something that my coach suggested, and I’ll pass it on so you can try it out and see if it helps you as it is helping me.

Every night as I lay in bed, I go through all my muscle groups tightening and relaxing them, once I my body is relaxed, I play the mental picture of my day in my mind. I rewind and look at the things that didn’t go the way I wanted them to, then I imagine that they had gone how I wanted. I transpose myself into the situation and change the words that I said, and the words that others may have said. I walk through the situation, looking at my thoughts and actions, I weigh up whether they were leading me to my goal, and if not, then I redirect them in that direction.

This way I go to sleep feeling good about my day, and confident that tomorrow will be a good day. This little routine is altering the story I’m telling myself about myself and my day. It is giving me courage to investigate difficult emotions and my truthful reactions. I am finding this little routine deals with any residual emotions and since I am an energetic being, it is wiping the angst from my system.

Every morning I ask myself a question, these questions vary depending on what is happening in my life.

Today’s question is “What are you waiting for? What if, you stopped waiting and made it happen for you?”

Such a great question.

If I asked you that question, what would your response be?

Are you waiting for children to grow up?

Are you waiting until the mortgage is paid? Or until you purchase your own home?

In my past I was a very practiced waiter. I would put off things because they would take too much time, or they would cost too much, I didn’t think I could do it, that I wasn’t skilled enough, or it would be too hard and that I would be an inconvenience to someone else, or I wanted someone else to come and rescue me. Some things got put on the wait list because I didn’t really want to do them, it was some one else’s expectation of me.

Can you relate? What is on your wait list? What are you waiting for?

I discovered that most of the things I put off, took very little money or time. For example, our garage had been leaking when it rained from a certain direction, the battens were allowing water to trickle down the walls. I was expecting other people to fix it for me. To me it was too big of a job. When I finally got sick and tired of putting up with the dampness, I asked a builder friend to give me some advice, he guided me in ordering the flashings, and showed me how to install them. And I did it.

For years it was put on the too hard list, it took a few dollars and an afternoon of my time. The feeling of accomplishment and the confidence I gained from that small project still motivates me today. It reminds me that if I really want to do something, then I need to find the information to begin with, plan the finances and the time. Then to begin.

I once subscribed to a lady whose life mantra is you can do anything for 15 mins. This is so true. When time is the issue, begin with your timer, set it for 15 mins and begin. It is amazing how much you can do in 15 mins. I have cleaned a bedroom ceiling, vacuumed, dusted, painted a bedroom, sanded and varnished a bench top, exercised, weeded gardens and begun many projects that were overwhelming in their entirety.

This is my one go to routine when I find I’m putting off anything, often the thought of beginning something is due to my belief, and because I’m thinking it is too hard, too big, or will take me too long. The timer gives me a start time and an end time. I have the choice of extending the timer or completing when the timer goes off.

What are you waiting for?

What can you do today to begin? Everything begins with a thought. What can you think about today to get the energy needed to create what you want into motion?

What story are you telling yourself about why you are waiting? Do you believe that you don’t deserve it? That you don’t have what it takes to study for a new career, or that doing what needs to be done will take all your courage and you are just not that courageous. That you will never find true love because you’re not lovable enough. Is your waiting story leading you to what you want? If not you have the power to change it.

What would happen if you asked for help? What would happen if you let others know what you really want to do, be and have?

For me, asking for help and trusting that others would want to help was one of my stoppers. I discovered that when I asked and my request wasn’t answered the way I wanted I would give up. Doing this was not serving me, so I began asking for things I knew people wouldn’t mind fulfilling for me, this was how I gained confidence in asking, I also realised that when I don’t ask, the answer is always NO! If I really want what I want, then, I will do what needs doing to get it. I would break the fear barrier and continue to ask, I’d ask better questions to get the answer I needed, I’d ask different people, I’d ask for more information then do the next thing that came up in front of me.

What are you waiting for? What if you stopped waiting and made it happen for you? Where would you be in one year’s time? How would you feel when the thing is in your life?

If you want more guidance in moving towards what you really want and to stop waiting, then connect with me for a coaching session.

xoxo Linda


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