Germinate Your Seeds of Greatness.

You were designed for accomplishment, engineered for success, and endowed with the seeds of greatness.

Zig Ziglar

Hello, My Friends

This week hubby and I went to the wharf and threw worms at the water, we had the intention of catching flounder, we were disappointed. The water was very dirty, the rain we’ve had recently has taken it’s toll on the water clarity. I figure we must have been feeding the crabs, because our lines were always pulled in with empty hooks.

We’re at the end of another month. I’m feeling very proud of myself for all the actions I have taken in my long term goals. Whenever I hit a wall I remind myself to check my beliefs, then do the thought, emotions, feelings, actions, habits and results chart. I know, I asked this question last month, and I’m asking again, have you set a goal for the month of August? Have you got a plan of what you want to have achieved at the end of this month? Pick one area of your life that you want to improve, one character trait that you want to make your own, and begin by writing what it means to you, add your why. Remember your why is the motivation that will keep you going when the going gets tough. If your goal doesn’t stretch you out of your comfort zone, then choose another one. The reason for goals that stretch you, is to prove to yourself who you can be.

Okay, mini rave or lecture done. Seriously though, write a goal, put it on a card and keep it in your phone, or better still make it your home page on your phone, so you see it a dozen or more times a day. Keep it in the fore-front of your mind.

This week I want to share a thought that has been brewing in the back of my mind, for a few weeks.

If you could be known for anything, what would it be?

If your name was to go into the history books as some-one who made a gigantic leap forward in the way mankind experienced life, what would you want it to be?

Sit with this question for a minute.

Would you want to be known as the person who eliminated all homelessness across the world, by designing a new type of building?

Would you want to be the wealthiest person who ever lived? And, the person who was responsible for creating the avenue for those who want to move from poverty to financial freedom, to do so?

Would you want to see your children grow into healthy, community minded adults, who give to the community they are raising their children in?

If you were to be known for one thing, would it be for discovering a breakthrough in medicine, a cure for diseases, a medical procedure that gives people a better standard of living.

Would you want to be known as someone who was kind, caring, strong and vibrant?

If your head stone had the words… Here lies …( your name) s/he was the greatest …(name your gift or strong suit) in the 21st century. What would you want your gift to humanity to be?

Our thoughts create our lives. Your thoughts create your life. What are you thinking you’d like to be known for? What are the doubting thoughts that follow any of your ideas? It is these doubts that usually stop people from becoming great. We squash them before the idea seeds have had a chance to germinate.

Allowing your thought seeds to germinate is really important. Learning to think deliberately is the one thing that has changed everything for me, and continues to do so. The giants that I perceive are on my path, to stop me gaining what I really want, are in my mind. We are free to choose how we think.

In the fishing example above, I have a choice in how I view my outing, and the lack of fish. I get to choose how I think, I can think that there are no fish left in the ocean, because the fishing vessels have netted them all, or I can think that the fish are not biting because the water is dirty, or they’re not feeding today.

Either story doesn’t alter that fact that we didn’t catch any fish, and that we fed something in the river our worms. One story is much more emotive than the other and elicits a much stronger response. It is in the emotional response that we tie our results, in this case. of no fish to blaming some-one else for taking the fish. What if the truth is the fish cannot live in waters that have been contaminated by the plastic waste of human drink bottles? That would also create an emotional response, depending on your point of view. These are all stories I have made up about not catching a fish. I accept the result I had, that I didn’t catch any fish or I can look to lay the blame on some-one else.

Playing the blame game, always leaves us powerless. Often we feel like a victim in our own lives, instead of the lead lady or man.

Who are you blaming for your situation? For not being where you say you want to be? What is the truth about your situation? Some-times looking at and admitting to your self the real truth, the totally unbiased facts can be hard, the facts can be hurtful because we become aware we are responsible for our own situation. Are you in debt and continue to spend money you don’t have.? Are you obese and can’t stop your eating obsession, blaming your genes, the way food is manufactured now-a-days compared to the past, its your parents fault or your partners fault. Denial is keeping you in the safety zone of inaction. Which is exactly where your brain wants you to be. But that is not where your heart and authentic self want to be.

I am extending my hand to you, think about what you want to be known for, what do you want people to remember you for? What do you want your generational legacy to be? Sow the thought seed of personal greatness within you, water it with time and more encouraging thoughts, allow it to germinate, air it, give it wings by writing it out in detail. Be careful who you show your thought seed to, some will snatch it away and trample on it, others will nip it in the bud before it has a chance to become fully fledged, and others will support you and take your idea for themselves. Your idea is yours to be nurtured, and acted upon in due season.

It is my intention to get you thinking about the long game. Look to the end of your life and see all the wonderful things you have done for humanity and your community. Let the fire stir within you, then take the Beliefs, thought, emotions, feelings, actions, habits and results chart and work it backwards.

Start at the end of your life, see your head stone, hear the accolades that are being said about you and your contribution to mankind. Then look at your results, in your minds eye, see how they came to being, What habits did you need to live into, to create your stunning results? Then move past your habits and look at the actions you took to achieve all the recognizable steps you took to get the result you did. Feel the feelings of excitement you felt as you found your breakthrough, feel the fear you felt as you worked on your project, what did you do when you felt fear and doubt? When you felt afraid or embarrassed? Notice how you moved through these feelings. Label the emotions behind the feelings, remember these are only ever one word. These emotions are triggered by thoughts, and this is the where the greatest change happens, notice the types of thoughts you were thinking as you uncovered your greatest potential, as the seed thought took root and began to grow. And finally what beliefs had to be challenged, and redirected for you to believe that you have what it takes to make a ground breaking, life changing, contribution to mankind.

Begin at the end and work backwards. Imagine if each one of us did this in one area of our lives every year, what a different world we would be living in, in five years time.

Allow your imagination to plant the seed of what your life could look like if you let the seed grow, and took a chance on it.

Until next time, be your authentic self, find the gem idea that is yours to grow with, and into.

xoxo Linda


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