LOVE: Love Offers Value to Everyone

Love Offers Value to Everyone.

No proving it

No earning it

No bargaining for it

No begging for it.

You deserve love because you are here.

You are valued because you are here.

Hello, My Friends.

The more I learn about loving myself, and loving those in my life, the more I realize I have so far to go.

Part of being a life coach for me is living the principles I am teaching and advocating.

Learning to live my life from a place of love, is like learning a foreign language. I recognize snippets of the conversation, just enough to get by but not enough to communicate fluently.

Love is a four letter word, that has the power to change everything.

L. O. V. E. Love Offers Value to Everyone.

The need to feel loved and accepted is a basic human need. Everyone needs to feel loved.

Learning to love yourself is the beginning of loving others.

You can only love some one else to the degree that you love yourself.

Think about that for a minute.

You can only love some one else to the degree that you love yourself.

When we struggle to love and accept ourselves, and all the facets of our lives that make us who we are.

We struggle to accept the love others have to give us.

When we see ourselves as less than good enough, we project that onto others. We can either act like we are less than some one else, or we can act like we are more than them.

Love: True unconditional love has us being equal to every one.

Unconditional love doesn’t rank people.

Unconditional love looks past the outward exterior that people put on, and reads the heart underneath.

Unconditional love allows people to be who they are in their journey right now. Knowing that they can change or not change if they choose.

Unconditional love doesn’t add prove it to me that you love me.

Unconditional love doesn’t barter to be heard or seen, it doesn’t state, “If you loved me you’d…”

Unconditional love doesn’t make you beg for affection or basic needs. “Tell me how much you love me, and then you can have….”

Unconditional love is love that doesn’t need to be earned. You are loved because you are.

Unconditional love allows you the space to feel what you feel, to work through those feelings in a safe space.

Unconditional love creates love.

Learning to give yourself the unconditional love that you yearn for is the start of a beautiful romance.

You are the one person who is with you always.

You are the one who talks inside you head. ( I know that sounds weird, but we all do it.) It’s called self talk, or self criticism depending on the tone and words spoken. We listen very carefully to these words. It important that they are words of kindness, and acceptance.

You are the one who decides what your reaction will be to the circumstances around you.

Choosing to learn to love is one of the toughest and most rewarding changes I am in the process of doing, being and having.

Love colours everything. It colours the way you talk about others. It colours the way you view your life, what you have, who you are and what you do.

When true unconditional love becomes part of your belief system, you become kinder and tougher at the same time. You are kinder to yourself, and you are tougher on what you allow into your life and your personal space.

Unconditional love shifts the way you see people, and how you allow them to see you. Love allows for your weaknesses and turns them in to strengths. Love allows you to admit your guilt, and have it become part of who you are without shame.

Unconditional Love offers value to everyone, because everyone is valuable.

“Rose tinted glasses,” you say.

I say, “Clear lens.” We get to see ourselves as we are and still make peace with all the unfriendly and unsocial and unethical things we have done or thought about doing.

We are humans having a human experience.

When we discover that we are ‘perfect’ in our imperfections, we can begin to accept that we are part loveable and part unlovable, but that is what makes us individual. As we finally look into the mirror of who we are, we can begin to heal the wounds that have held us captive.

Love makes a difference and it begins with you and me.

Loving ourselves.

Upgrading our thoughts, our beliefs, our actions. One tiny thought at a time. One little word of praise to ourselves at a time. One small deed of self respect at a time.

Choosing to love yourself is choosing unconditional love.

Till next time, begin to find your true authentic self, and give yourself a loving hug from the inside out.

Linda Codlin

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