Vision!! What you think, you see!

Every time you are tempted to see things in the light of the past, ask yourself does this bring fear, or freedom? Lean into Love and Joy.

Hello, My Friends.

This week has been a busy one. Have you ever had a job you knew you needed to do, but couldn’t quite motivate yourself to get it done? This was me. My spare bedroom had been overrun with all the the gear from the office. I put it there temporarily, while we painted and wallpapered the office. The office has been complete for a few months now, and still the mess remained.

When I get into a procrastination funk like this, which happens now and then, I use external events to get my motivation running. This week the children had a significant wedding in the family, and those traveling past my way, decided to camp over night. There was my external event. The goal was to get the room cleared out and sorted before family arrived.

It’s amazing how much you can get done in a short space of time when you are time conscious and focused. By the time my son, his wife and baby arrived. I had rehomed and sorted about six boxes of files and papers. All that was left on the spare bed were the dregs. You know all those things that fit into the “I don’t where these go,” file. I felt rather pleased with myself. Everything except this pile of papers had been homed in its permanent spot.

And I sorted them today. So happiness created.

Okay, I have been thinking a lot about love. What I think it is and what it means to my life today and going forward.

As a child and younger adult if you’d asked me about love I would have said I was happy, and mostly felt loved.

Now as my eyes have become more enlightened, I’d have to say most of my life, (truthfully, all my life) has been based on the premise of fear. Fear of rejection, Fear of reprisals, Fear of being judged, Fear of not being enough and that other’s will find out I wasn’t enough. Fear I wasn’t loveable enough. You get the picture. I was so scared to try anything new, just in case I failed.

I was brought up in a religious home, and somehow I picked up a skewed view of God.

I tell you this as background to figuring out love and how it fits in my life.

When every decision you have ever made has come from the premise of fear, or lack, it is not so easy to see love, or accept love.

The way we view things taints the way we respond to things. Looking back, (hindsight is a marvelous thing, for learning, no so great to live in, you can’t survive there though.) Looking back over the years I can see now the love of friends and family, at the time I was blind and my heart was closed off. I was forever looking for the sting in the tail of any friendship.

These last few months I have been working on my thought processes around seeing every thing through the lens of love and joy.

It is my belief, that if I can think a thought, then I can change a thought.

Seeing the world as being out to punish me, get me, or sabotage my every move, was not serving me in how I want to live my life today and moving forward.

I began to change the thought, that I’m not worthy. To the thought that the Universe has my back. I am worthy of the best this life has to offer.

I began using the thought ladder to upgrade my thoughts around love.

If love was always wanting my best, how would I think and feel in this situation?

If I loved myself totally, how would I treat myself?

If I leaned into my life through the lens of love and joy, what would I be willing to try?

If I believed that I was worthy of love, what would change in me and my surroundings?

What would I stop doing, or putting up with?

What would I begin to do and expect from others?

What if asking for what I wanted was normal, an act of love to myself and whoever I was asking something from?

What if there reply was all about them and not about me at all?

This kind of love feels a lot like freedom to me.

So my question to you is, What shade are your lens?

Would you want the freedom of love? Unconditional love for yourself and others if it was offered to you.

Would you even begin to recognize it as love? I know I didn’t.

This is a part of my journey I have just begun, I feel like I have turned a corner and the blinders have fallen off. I’m realistic enough to know that my history is deeply embedded in my brain and my habits. Learning through love and joy is not a one and done deal, and I don’t expect it to be. I anticipate this is something I will be growing into for the rest of my life.

I would like to invite you to learn more about love and joy.

Shifting the way you see your life.

If you are not getting the results you want, then I’d say you have a belief lens that is blocking your vision.

Belief lenses come in all shapes and sizes, they come in the form of I am not enough,

I am unlovable, I am not pretty enough, I am not smart enough to start a business, I am not rich enough to by my own home, I am unworthy, I am unforgivable, I am a disgrace, I am guilty.

They come in the form of I will never make friends, no-body wants to know me, what do I have to offer anyone else, who am I to want to be loved, accepted, and valued?

They come in the form of I have always been broke and I always will be, no-one in my family ever went to university and got a degree, no-one in my family ever owned their own business, I never have good luck at anything, I am poor, money runs through my fingers, I can’t find the money to pay my bills.

These are all lens’ and they can all be changed. They are thoughts.

If you can think a thought you can change a thought.

When you change the thought, you change the emotion that the thought creates.

When you change the emotion, you change the energy vibration in your body, which is the feeling you have around the thought.

When these change, your beliefs change and then your actions change, from the inside out, which makes the change permanent.

I invite you to email me ( for coaching on how to change your life, to live from love and joy instead of fear and dread.

Also find me on Facebook (@lindacodlin25) (authenticlivingwithlinda) and investigate the topics of self love, confidence and communication.

Until Next Time.

Be your true self, and let your love shine.

xox Linda Codlin

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