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Emotional Freedom questions

Welcome to Authentic Living Coaching, The Podcast, I’m your hostess, Linda Codlin

I am a certified life coach, and the founder of Authentic Living Coaching.
I am passionate about helping you to help yourself.
It is my intention that each and every one of us has the information we need to make the best decisions about the way we choose to live our lives.
Living life on your terms, and being your authentic self.

Hello, My Friends

This week I’m having a bit of a blitz on the stuff I have kept for many years.
The filter I am using with the items I am clearing away, are the questions.
What is the feeling I am wanting by keeping this item?
Is this item beautiful? Do I love it? What memories are attached to this item and do I love those memories?
Is this item functional? Do I use it? Is it a multi-use item or a single use item? Do I have something else that does the job just as well?
What was my initial intention for holding onto this item? What was the energy I had for holding onto this item, Abundance or scarity?

I may have mentioned that I was a home educating mum.
My passion has been to teach and share knowledge for as long as I can remember.
When you put a lot of energy, time and your heart into something, you tend to be very invested in the outcome, and the accumulated items that went with that passion.
Home educating has been one of those things, for me, that I was emotionally tied to.
I used it as a means of gaining self-esteem, of trying to make myself feel worthy.
Looking back now, I’m saddened by the fact that I didn’t have the courage to be me, all the time.
I was trying so hard to conform, and yet not conform.
When I began educating my children it was not the normal or accepted thing to do, by the church, by my family, or the education system of the day.
I followed my gut into an unknown realm, while still trying to gain the approval of the church, my family, and those around me.
Talk about conflict, internal conflict. I was like a boat tossed around by every idea, by every opinon that came across my path.
My happiest times, with the children and me where when I followed my intuition and educated to the children’s needs and in a way that suited my personality.

Anyway, this week I have been clearing out the last of the educational bits and pieces, that I have been hanging onto for years.
The process of opening my hands and heart, and letting go of the educational curriculum, the art supplies, the games and books has been ongoing for years.
Finally this week has seen the last of these items set free.

In asking myself what the feeling I am wanting by holding onto these items is, I have been able to realize that I had been wanting to relive those days, to feel the joy of teaching, to feel the pleasure of remembering when a child succeeded in a new concept.

Then in asking myself how do I want to create that feeling in my life now? I discovered that coaching is part of joy of teaching, and part of the satisfaction of watching clients get a new concept and seeing how it changes their lives.
I am already living in that feeling.
This made opening my hands and my heart so much easier to let go the past.

What are you holding onto?
What is the feeling you get from holding onto it?
AND, how can you create that feeling now, in advance?

Everything we do, we do for the feeling we believe we will get from the doing.
What is the feeling you believe you will get by holding onto things from your distant past?
Do you like these feelings? Yes or No?
What is the feeling/emotion stopping you from shedding things that don’t feel fabulous?

These are the questions I help you to answer, and we dig a little into the way you want to feel about your past.
How you want to live now and the feelings you want to have in your future.

I support you in discovering how to create these feelings on purpose, in advance.
This is one of the magic keys of life. When this concept sinks into your heart and you begin to live it, everything will change.

You ask the food you’re about to eat. What feeling do I want from you?
You ask the item you’re about to spend money on. What feeling do I want to get from you?
You ask yourself, what is the feeling I want to get/give from this relationship?
Everything is linked to the feeling/emotion we believe we will gain from any activity, interaction, or investment we participate in.

If you are wanting guidance on generating your feelings in advance connect with me by email and we can discuss a plan for you.

Today’s challenge is to have a look at what you are holding onto in your life, and ask yourself if it is giving you a feeling that you like, and if it’s not let it go.

oxoxox Linda

Have a fabulous day my friends. Until next time…

Live your best life, calmly and authentically.

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