You get to re-write your History; In a way that feels fabulous.

Do you feel stuck by your past?
Are there items in your home that remind you of a past you no longer live?
What excess baggage are you carrying around with you and what price are you paying for that baggage?
Want help to heal wounds from the past?

Hello, My Friends

What have you carried with you for the last 20 years, that you are just now realizing you can live without?

Today was clean out the filing cabinet day.
Oh my word.
I came face to face with Linda the hoarder.
I have been keeping all sorts of pieces of paper, papers I thought were important to my financial wellbeing, papers I thought were important to remember past events.
What I have discovered is I don’t need any of it.
The important legal docs can be scanned and stored digitally.
The sentimental items can be stored in the same way. The truth according to Linda, is I haven’t looked at these sentimental papers for over 15 years, and in all honesty I won’t look at them again.
The things I valued back then are not the things I value now.

Reading the letters and cards, just reminded me of how sad and oppressed my life was.
Which is good for comparison for where I am today, not so good for my emotional wellbeing.
I have purged a lot of the hanging on feelings and thoughts about my past.
Reading the letters also gave me a clearer perspective of those sharing my life. Sometimes we mix all the memeories up and the emotions become muddied.
Not everything is cut and dried good or bad.

Releasing these letters and the people who wrote them has set me free a little more.

Today’s challenge is to select one area of your home that has been nagging at you, and begin to clear it out.
Go through all the papers, all the photos, all the memorabilia, everything.
As you go through, hold each item and ask yourself how you feel about it. What emotions does it generate in you?
What thoughts does it stir up in you? What memories do you replay?

Ask yourself, Do I want to constantly be reminded of this time/person/place in my life?
Do I like how I feel when I look at/read/feel this item?
Can I let this item go? Can I take a photo of it and release it to someone else or destroy it?
Ask yourself, Why not, if you find you don’t like the memory or the item, but find you have an emotional reaction to getting rid of it, ask Why do I need to hold onto this item?
What does this item represent to me? What am I afraid will happen if I get rid of it?
This is where journaling your thoughts is very helpful, be as honest with yourself as you can.
Give yourself time to work through your thoughts and your emotions.

By eliminating everything that doesn’t bring you joy, you create space for the things you do enjoy.
You create space for the things you do love to be seen and enjoyed.

I have found that I am carrying so much physical baggage from my past, in the papers, cards, and trinkets I have been keeping.
In letting go of all the things that don’t bring a sense of peace and love with them, I am releasing another layer of my past that is holding me captive.
I want my past to tell a story that inspires and encourages me to continue moving into my future.

Until next timeā€¦ Let go of one thing from your past that is holding you back from being your authentic self.

If you want to be coached around the story you are telling yourself of your past, and how to create a story you can be proud of,
Connect with me through email and together we can work out a story you can be proud of.
Your history is your stepping stone into the future.

oxoxo Linda

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